3 Methods To Maintain GRACKLES Away From Feeders! (2022)


Are you on the lookout for methods to forestall grackles at your chook feeders?

how to keep grackles away from bird feeders

If that’s the case, you aren’t alone! Many individuals battle with these blackbirds and attempt to discover methods to restrict the quantity of them at their feeding stations.


Personally, I don’t suppose grackles are so dangerous once they present up individually. They’re fascinating to observe and likewise very lovely with their iridescent plumage.


My largest criticism with grackles is how they will present up in giant flocks and overrun feeding stations. (Press PLAY under to see my feeders underneath assault!)



However don’t fear, right now’s article goes that can assist you.


Under are 3 confirmed methods to assist hold grackles away out of your feeders!


I’ve personally used the entire methods to assist management these blackbirds in my yard. 🙂


#1. Use these 3 meals (which grackles DON’T eat)


An effective way to maintain grackles away out of your chook feeders is to make use of meals they don’t get pleasure from consuming.


However sadly, that’s simpler mentioned than completed! These generalists eat all kinds of widespread chook seeds. Significantly, for those who supply sunflower seeds, peanuts, or corn, you might be asking for a whole flock of grackles to go to. 🙂


Listed here are 3 meals that grackles don’t eat (or don’t love consuming)!


A. Safflower seeds

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Some folks name safflower the miracle seed! Grackles, together with starlings, squirrels, and different blackbird species, don’t notably look after safflower seeds. They might pattern it, however they aren’t going to gorge themselves at your feeders.


However the very best half is that the majority different feeder birds, equivalent to cardinals, jays, and chickadees, eat it willingly. At any time when I’ve a significant invasion of grackles, instantly my feeders are stuffed with safflower seed!


B. Nyjer seeds

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Nyjer seed may be very tiny and used primarily to draw finches. This seed is just too small for grackles to hassle with. As well as, the feeders used to distribute Nyjer seeds usually have tiny openings, that are too small for a grackle to suit their beak inside!


C. Nectar in my hummingbird feeder

best window hummingbird feeders

Grackles shouldn’t hassle or attempt to eat out of your nectar feeders. For these of us who dwell in colder areas, this tip solely applies in summer season when the hummingbirds are again.


Sadly, as you may see, the checklist of meals that grackles gained’t eat is minimal. So watch out along with your meals choice as a result of they’ll go loopy for those who supply sunflower seeds, peanuts, corn, millet, or suet. As well as, grackles love grains, that are widespread in “low-cost” birdseed mixes.


#2. Attempt these feeders (which grackles CAN’T use)


One in every of my favourite methods to maintain grackles away from my feeders is to make use of feeders which might be exhausting or inconceivable for them to make use of!


Sadly, the destructive to some of these feeders is that different birds which might be roughly the identical dimension can even have difficulties. For instance, if a grackle can’t use a feeder, then yard favorites like Northern Cardinals and Blue Jays can even have issues.


Listed here are 4 varieties of feeders that forestall grackles:


A. Caged chook feeders

With this fashion, a steel cage encloses the feeder. The sq. openings are sufficiently small to maintain grackles (and squirrels) away however large enough to let most smaller songbirds by way of to feed. I LOVE watching grackles grasp onto the skin of the cage and solely be capable to take a look at the scrumptious meals inside. 🙂


The caged tube feeder under is the one I exploit. My chickadees and goldfinches use it every day. And since solely small birds have entry to the seed, I don’t must refill it usually, normally solely twice per week! Nonetheless, similar-sized tube feeders that aren’t surrounded by a cage in my yard should be refilled every day.

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I additionally use a caged chook feeder to guard my suet! This caged feeder is a wonderful resolution if grackles gained’t go away your suet feeders alone.starling proof suet bird feeder

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Grackles are unable to suit their our bodies by way of the outer cage to get to the suet. Smaller woodpeckers, like Downy Woodpeckers, haven’t any issues becoming inside. However, sadly, bigger woodpeckers gained’t be capable to get to the suet.


B. Weight delicate feeders

A majority of these feeders can usually be adjusted to shut when a specific amount of weight is utilized. Grackles are comparatively heavy when in comparison with different yard feeder birds, so the idea is that once they land on the feeder, entry to the meals will shut. However smaller birds ought to nonetheless be capable to sit and feed.


For instance, I personal the Absolute II hopper chook feeder under, and it’s certainly one of my favourite general feeders. And it’s additionally nice at stopping squirrels. 🙂

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Let me be clear; a weight-sensitive feeder WON’T cease grackles like a caged feeder. However the hope is that you’ll decelerate a whole flock of grackles.


For instance, on the Absolute II feeder above, I could make the perches extremely delicate to weight, the place just one medium-sized chook (like a grackle) can feed at a time. As quickly as a second grackle tries to hop on the perch, the feeder closes.


I really like this feeder as a result of solely ONE (or possibly two) grackles can eat at a time. It’s nice as a result of an entire flock of grackles can’t sit there and wipe out all your meals in a sitting.


C. Upside-down suet feeders

I totally get pleasure from feeding suet to woodpeckers in my yard. The issue is that grackles additionally LOVE consuming suet.


A method round that is to buy a suet feeder that forces birds to cling and feed the wrong way up. Woodpeckers haven’t any drawback with this methodology, however grackles CAN’T eat like this.

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My upside-down suet feeder has completed an incredible job stopping grackles from devouring all my suet. Lastly, I need to warn you that it could take a while for woodpeckers to find your upside-down suet feeder. And general, they don’t prefer it as a lot as my different suet feeders, the place they don’t have to hold the wrong way up.


D. Feeders with SMALL meals ports


Okay, let’s rapidly check out a grackles beak. As you may see, it’s fairly giant!

So, to assist forestall them at our feeders, we are going to make the most of this truth. To maintain grackles away, attempt utilizing chook feeders with very small feeding ports. A feeding port is the place the meals comes out of a feeder. If it’s very small, a grackle can’t match its beak inside to get the meals!


Under are two nice examples that I personal.

A. Perky-Pet Yellow Finch Feeder

B. Elements Fast-Clear Nyjer Feeder


Usually, feeders with small meals ports are marketed as “Nyjer seed feeders” since that is likely one of the solely meals that may match by way of the small opening. Along with Nyjer seed, you too can attempt utilizing finely chopped sunflower kernels. Many occasions these small items will match by way of the openings.


E. Hummingbird feeders


Hummingbird feeders are grackle-proof as a result of these birds don’t drink nectar!

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Belief me; grackles will ignore your hummingbird feeders.


#3. Distract grackles by feeding them individually!

grackles away from feeders

This technique runs counter-intuitive to what you may suppose.


As an alternative of making an attempt to forestall grackles, we’re going to feed them as a lot meals as doable. However WE get to resolve the place the feedings occur.


Right here’s what you’re going to do:


Provide MASSIVE quantities of CHEAP meals that grackles can’t resist, equivalent to corn, positioned not less than 15 toes away (4.5m) out of your different chook feeders. Utilizing entire kernel corn or cracked corn is an efficient meals possibility because it’s cheap, AND grackles actually like consuming it.


The hope is that the grackles will bombard your “further” feeding station, leaving your principal space clear for the songbirds you truly need to see and entice.


This technique can assist unfold birds round your yard. I exploit it each winter to assist management the grackles, together with the European Starlings and Home Sparrows that present up! The image under, taken from my yard, helps exhibit this technique!

how to Deter House Sparrows with Cracked Corn


As you may see, my tube feeder stuffed with cracked corn is positioned behind and away from my different feeders.


How do you retain grackles away out of your chook feeders?


Tell us which methods work finest for you under!







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