7 Methods To Hold Chipmunks AWAY From Chook Feeders! (2022)


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How do you retain chipmunks away and off your fowl feeders?

chipmunks out of bird feeders


With their cheeks stuffed stuffed with meals, many individuals discover chipmunks extremely cute and welcome them to their yard. However whereas squirrels get a lot of the consideration, these striped rodents can grow to be a bit annoying close to your fowl feeding station, particularly in giant sufficient numbers.


The probably place the place you will notice chipmunks shall be beneath your feeders, consuming the fowl meals that has fallen to the bottom. However with out a little bit of prevention, these critters are identified to climb into your fowl feeders, which prevents the songbirds you really need to see!


Beneath are 7 easy methods to forestall chipmunks at your fowl feeders!


And ensure to take a look at the entire issues it’s best to NOT do to cease chipmunks, that are positioned on the finish.


#1. Hold the realm beneath your feeders clear.

keeping chipmunks away from bird feeders


The probably place that you’re going to see chipmunks at is consuming the fowl meals that falls to the bottom. These mammals are identified for filling their cheeks with as a lot meals that can match, which they take again to their underground dens to eat later or retailer for winter.


So it shouldn’t come as a shock that to maintain chipmunks away, it is advisable to try to cease birdseed falling from above!


To stop meals on the bottom, pay shut consideration to your feeders.


Most birds are messy eaters and can poke by way of and throw birdseed round, in search of the meals they need to eat. You will want fowl feeders that don’t permit birds to do that!


Most hopper feeders and trays are in all probability dangerous choices since birds can sit on a platform and have loads of room to throw meals round, resulting in some ending up on the bottom.


Search for feeders the place birds should attain inside to seize a bit of meals.


One feeder that I personal that will be a good selection is the Absolute II.

prevent bears bird feeders

Absolute II    View In the present day’s Worth


The seed is enclosed within the meals reservoir and has a metallic lip that stops (a lot) meals from spilling out.


One other technique to forestall meals from ending up on the bottom is to put in a tray beneath the feeders.


Many tube feeders have trays that you could safe to the underside. You can even connect a dish or bin that catches fallen seeds.

aspects tube feeder and tray

The mix that I exploit is an Points tube feeder with a 8.5-inch Seed Tray hooked up to the underside.


You can even attempt solely utilizing shelled sunflower seeds.


So far as fowl meals goes, sunflower kernels are the preferred. Virtually each fowl that involves feeders loves the stuff. Actually, when birds are wanting by way of a birdseed combine, it’s sometimes the sunflower they’re looking for.


In case you solely use shelled sunflowers, there shall be nothing for the birds to go looking by way of, which suggests they’re much less prone to throw seeds to the bottom. As one other profit, you will keep away from a multitude of shells that it is advisable to clear up later since you’re shopping for the sunflower seed already shelled.


If any sunflower kernels do fall to the bottom, they need to be shortly wolfed up by ground-feeding birds, which shouldn’t go away any for the chipmunks to eat.


#2. Forestall entry to your fowl feeders!


Imagine it or not, in the event you don’t take any precautions, chipmunks could climb into your fowl feeders. As soon as there, they’ll stuff their cheeks stuffed with meals, preserving birds away whereas they’re consuming.


However fortunately, chipmunks don’t have the identical athletic capacity that squirrels possess. Chipmunks can’t soar vertically or horizontally from a tree very far, or climb round baffles properly, so it’s comparatively simple to ensure these rodents can’t climb into your feeders. Belief me; it’s WAY more difficult to maintain squirrels off your fowl feeders than chipmunks!


Regardless, listed below are some simple issues you are able to do to maintain chipmunks on the bottom!


A. Baffle your fowl feeder pole!

chipmunks away from bird feeding station


A baffle is merely a contraption that’s designed to forestall mammals from climbing up your fowl feeder pole. Whereas they’re principally supposed to cease squirrels, they’re distinctive for stopping chipmunks too.


Baffles will be bought individually (or made) and hooked up to your present pole. On the whole, there are two completely different kinds/shapes of baffle you’ll encounter:


stop squirrels with baffles

Torpedo Baffle Pictured Above (Additionally known as Stovepipe or Cone): Audubon Metal Baffle
Wrap Round Baffle Pictured Above: Woodlink Baffle


Each of those baffles are designed to connect beneath the fowl feeder. As chipmunks climb, they aren’t in a position to get across the baffle and, subsequently, can’t eat your fowl meals!


For every little thing it is advisable to learn about baffles, try this text:


B. Purchase a pole that makes a speciality of stopping rodents from climbing up!


In case you don’t personal a fowl feeder pole but or are in search of a brand new one, then I really useful shopping for one which has a baffle already constructed into the design.


For instance, I used to personal the Squirrel Stopper Pole, and never one critter EVER obtained previous the hooked up spring-loaded baffle. (Final yr, I constructed a extra heavy-duty fowl feeder pole because of the excessive variety of fowl feeders I used to be utilizing. 🙂 )


Try the spring-loaded baffle on the Squirrel Stopper pole beneath:

Squirrel Stopper Pole   Examine In the present day’s Worth


Not solely is that this pole nice at stopping chipmunks from climbing up, but it surely holds as much as 8 fowl feeders and appears “stylish” in backyards.


C. Hold your feeders from a powerful fishing line!


Lots of people that feed birds don’t use a fowl feeder pole to hold their feeders, however as an alternative, they droop them from a tree or different construction. The issue these lovers face is that chipmunks can climb the tree and are available down onto the feeders from above.


A straightforward technique to cease that is to hold the fowl feeders from a powerful fishing line!


The fishing line is just too small and skinny for chipmunks to navigate down, and they’re going to both have to make a leap of religion from the tree or head again to the bottom.


#3. Use spicy meals to cease chipmunks.


Do you get pleasure from having habanero peppers throughout your meals? Or does your face grimace simply fascinated by the warmth you’ll expertise?

The rationale that we (folks) really feel the warmth of spicy meals is due to one thing referred to as capsaicin, which is the energetic ingredient present in chili peppers that makes them sizzling and worsening to eat.


However right here is the loopy factor:


Solely mammals really feel the results of capsaicin! Birds usually are not affected.


And in case you forgot, chipmunks are mammals. As well as, a chipmunk’s sense of odor and style is best than people. I’ve by no means been in a position to ask a chipmunk what consuming sizzling chili peppers tastes like, however my guess is that the results are compounded much more than what folks really feel.

Cole’s Scorching Meats    View Price – Amazon


Utilizing fowl meals that has been coated in sizzling pepper is price making an attempt. Chipmunks ought to take one whiff and never like what they odor. Birds, who don’t have a lot of a way of odor or style, gained’t be bothered one bit by the spicy meals.


Utilizing spicy seeds ought to work at stopping all types of mammals at your feeding station, together with squirrels, raccoons, and bears! Try the experiment I did beneath, the place I examined to see if sizzling pepper seed really works.


#4. Lure and launch your chipmunks!


If all else fails, you may attempt to entice chipmunks and allow them to go someplace distant from your home.


Catching a chipmunk is comparatively simple.


First, purchase a small entice, just like the one seen beneath.

Havahart Small Mammal Lure  View Worth – Amazon


Then put one thing scrumptious inside that chipmunks can’t resist, like sunflower seeds.


Quickly sufficient, it’s best to have a chipmunk. Now it is advisable to drive a number of miles away to let it go. Attempt to discover a park or a buddy’s home that has a wooded space for the chipmunk to dwell.


Whereas trapping can work, I don’t suppose it’s a long-term resolution. There’ll ALWAYS be extra chipmunks. To resolve your chipmunk issues, I feel it’s a a lot better use of time to deal with tips on how to cease them completely.


Sometimes, I solely resort to trapping a chipmunk when one has began making a multitude inside my storage or shed persistently!


Additionally, I attempt to keep away from trapping and relocating chipmunks throughout spring and summer season, since they might have an underground burrow stuffed with infants ready for “mamma” to return residence. I don’t have the center to know that I’m guaranteeing these younger chipmunks a sluggish and painful dying.


Lastly, PLEASE don’t damage the chipmunk after it’s trapped!


These adaptable mammals are simply making an attempt to remain alive. Be variety and discover a appropriate place distant from your home to allow them to go.


#5. Feed chipmunks individually out of your birds.

This tip runs counter to nearly every little thing else on this listing.


To stop and deter chipmunks from accessing and consuming your entire meals and scaring away birds, attempt feeding them at a separate feeder only for them!


For instance, beneath my fowl feeders, I’ve a tray that’s at all times full of sunflower seeds only for the chipmunks and different ground-feeding animals!


Search for chipmunks beneath on the LIVE digicam in my yard!

*LEARN extra concerning the LIVE cameras in my yard HERE!*


By offering a vast provide of meals for chipmunks on the bottom, you’re hoping they gained’t even hassle going by way of all the additional work to achieve your fowl feeders. I exploit this identical technique to assist management Home Sparrows too!


And in the event you don’t need chipmunks hanging round your fowl feeders, then put this separate tray of meals in a special space of the yard to get them to relocate. 🙂


#6. Ensure you have correct seed storage!


You didn’t ask, however I’m going to offer you my private opinion concerning chipmunks. 🙂


Total, I don’t thoughts them, and I’m glad they’re round. Chipmunks present numerous leisure for our household, and so they keep off my fowl feeders (because of my baffles) and assist clear up the seed that falls to the bottom. Additionally, I like the actual fact they supply meals for owls and hawks, which I really like getting the possibility to see in our yard too. (Don’t hate me for that remark, hate the circle of life! 🙂 )


The one occasions that I get aggravated with chipmunks are once they come into my storage and shed and wreak havoc on my saved fowl meals.

damage caused by chipmunks

Chipmunk or squirrel harm on a 5-gallon bucket lid.


If I by chance go away a bag of seed on the bottom after buying it from the shop, I can depend on them to tear a gap within the aspect to get their fair proportion. I’ve additionally discovered harm from them as they attempt to chew their manner by way of arduous plastic in my shed.


Now, I understand that I can’t blame the chipmunks for inflicting this harm and mess, as they simply need an opportunity to get some simple meals. However they do maintain me on my toes and make sure that I’m storing all of my fowl seed correctly.


chipmunks out of bird feeders and bird food storage


My advice is to buy metallic bins with a lid or discover storage containers product of extremely arduous plastic.


Additionally, attempt to clear up everytime you spill any meals on the ground, as this discourages chipmunks, in addition to mice and rats, from coming again.


Tip #7: PLEASE Don’t Harm Chipmunks!


Sadly, out of frustration, many individuals have provide you with methods to maintain chipmunks away from fowl feeders that damage and even kill them.


I don’t agree with these strategies. There are too many efficient methods that work at deterring and repelling chipmunks AND maintain these animals secure.


So my last advice is to keep away from something that can injure chipmunks. Attempt to admire chipmunks as a part of nature and bear in mind they’re simply making an attempt to outlive just like the birds that go to your feeders!


Don’t Use THESE Methods To Hold Chipmunks Off Chook Feeders!





Not solely will you be sentencing chipmunks to a painful dying, however what in case your canine by chance ingests some?


Additionally, it’s frequent for predatory animals, like foxes, owls, and hawks, to eat a rodent that has simply been poisoned, since, to them, it makes a straightforward meal. As quickly as this poisoned chipmunk has been consumed, there isn’t a hope for that predator both, and it’ll quickly die.


Glue or the rest sticky in your fowl feeder pole:

It not solely must be extremely painful to have their fur ripped out, but it surely’s nearly unattainable for chipmunks to take away the glue, and so they could ingest some as they attempt to groom themselves.


Petroleum jelly or grease in your fowl feeder pole:

Much like glue, that is extremely troublesome for chipmunks to get off their coat. They could ingest some and get sick, or their fur will clump collectively, leaving them prone to chilly climate.




There may be nothing you may shoot at a chipmunk that won’t damage it, besides a digicam.


Letting your cat outdoors to kill the chipmunks:

Cats LOVE to prey on and kill birds. If you wish to see extra birds at your feeder and fewer chipmunks, do you suppose letting your cat outdoors is a superb thought?


On the whole, don’t do something that can kill or hurt the chipmunks in your yard!


Killing the chipmunks in your yard is a basic instance of treating the symptom and never the issue. Chipmunks breed shortly, so you may at all times anticipate extra to reach. Utilizing a mixture of the information on this article will work a lot better as long-term options than homicide.


Ultimate Ideas


By using among the ideas listed above, it’s fully potential to repel, deter, and maintain chipmunks off your feeders and cease them from consuming your fowl meals!


However most significantly, attempt to study to understand chipmunks as a part of the extraordinary nature you get to watch in your yard! I’ve even heard of folks that have educated chipmunks to eat out of their arms! 🙂


Earlier than you go, I would like your assist to make this text even higher. Are you able to assist reply a few of these questions within the feedback beneath?

What are the perfect methods you’ve gotten discovered to discourage and repel chipmunks?


Thanks for studying, and good luck!









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