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9 Locations to Dig for Fossils


Holding a fossil on a dig for fossils

Digging for fossils is a tremendous expertise. You get to spend time outside, meet new folks, and for those who’re fortunate, discover some fossils!

What Are Fossils

However first, what are fossils?

Fossils are the stays or traces of the stays of animals and vegetation.

The phrase fossil comes from the Latin phrase fossus, which implies “to dig”, or fossilis, which implies “obtained by digging.”

Fossils could be massive or small, they usually can embody bones, shells, feathers, leaves, and extra.

How Are Fossils Fashioned

Not every thing fossilizes (the truth is, most issues don’t fossilize). There’s some luck concerned in the case of fossilizing.

Animals and organisms can fossilize in a number of methods. Maybe the most effective identified one, not less than in the case of dinosaurs, is permineralization.

A quite simple instance of permineralization is when a dinosaur dies, and will get shortly coated by sediment (comparable to mud, sand, volcanic ash, or tar). This protects the dinosaur from getting scavenged or from decaying by erosion. Over time, minerals are carried by water into the dinosaur’s tissues—slowly changing elements of the animal with minerals can final for hundreds of thousands of years.

Inform a Fossil is a Fossil

Fossils have a spongy texture on the within.

That is why some folks do the lick check. Right here’s the way to do it:

  • Put the fossil or a part of the fossil in your tongue
  • In case your tongue sticks to it, it’s a fossil

It’s because the fossil is porous in nature.

The place to Dig for Fossils

So the place are you able to go if you wish to dig for fossils?

We requested our listeners for his or her fossil dig suggestions, and right here they’re (thanks)! Remember that most of those applications are solely accessible throughout sure instances of the yr. Some applications are additionally more difficult than others, so be certain to do your analysis.

Colorado Northwestern Community College
Elevation Science Institute
Montana Dinosaur Center
Morrison Natural History Museum
Paleon Museum

Paleon Museum

Day digs, two-day digs, and week-long digs at varied websites in Wyoming.

Penn Dixie Fossil Park & Nature Reserve
Sue the T. rex by ScottRobertAnselmo (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

The College of Chicago

Stones and Bones with the U of Chicago and the Discipline Museum: A four-week paleontology program for highschool college students.

Wyoming Dinosaur Center


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