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A Dik-dik Is Born In BIOPARC Valencia, The Smallest Antelope In Africa


A primary translation of the unique press launch follows:

“It’s the second offspring of this species, the results of the efforts of the Valencian park within the worldwide program for its conservation. The pores and skin of a single Kirk dik-dik is required to make a single glove, which is why it’s hunted and positioned on the Pink Listing of Endangered Species.

Valencia, September 30, 2022.- The fantastic biodiversity of our planet by no means ceases to amaze us, on this event, with species that appear to return out of a fairy story, such because the dik-dik. BIOPARC’s goal is to make sure the preservation of nature and to this finish it participates in almost 50 worldwide applications for the copy of endangered species. Because of considered one of these conservation actions, the second calf of Kirk’s Dik-dik (Madoqua kirkii) was born within the Valencian park. The new child stays today within the inside enclosure below the care of his devoted mother and father and the supervision of the BIOPARC technical crew, to ensure his most well-being.

Septiembre 2022 - Dik Dik de Kirk recién nacido en BIOPARC Valencia

These antelopes are the smallest in Africa, within the case of Kirk’s dik-dik, with a measurement between 55-72 cm lengthy, 30-40 cm excessive and weighing lower than a kilo: between 560-680 gr. the females and 725-795 gr. the males. Their helpful pores and skin is used to make gloves and they’re threatened by searching, since a single glove requires a complete animal, which is actually daunting. Though their inhabitants is at present secure, they’re included within the Pink Listing of the Worldwide Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

On this monogamous species, the “household” is made up of the male that arrived from Montpellier (France), the feminine from Landau (Germany) and the brand new offspring, whose intercourse remains to be unknown. The younger feminine who was born in April 2020 throughout the confinement because of the pandemic, as happens in nature when she reaches maturity, stopped residing together with her mother and father and can transfer to a different park to contribute to the conservation program of the species her. In BIOPARC Valencia they inhabit a very particular multispecies enclosure of the equatorial forest that they share with the pink duiker of Natal, the oriental bongos and the black topped cranes. Its look is actually tender and its colour ranges from yellowish grey to reddish brown on its again and from grey to white on its stomach. Solely the males have horns and a really distinctive characteristic of Kirk’s dik-dik is that its snout has a specific proboscis-like elongation.”

Septiembre 2022 - Dik Dik de Kirk recién nacido en BIOPARC Valencia_1 copia
Septiembre 2022 - Dik Dik de Kirk recién nacido en BIOPARC Valencia_1 copia


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