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Abyssinian Cat 101: All You Want To Know

The Abyssinian cat is considered the breed that may map its roots on to the Nile Valley, but it surely was developed in Nice Britain. There are a number of contentions about the place the Aby got here from. One factor is for certain: though the Aby resembles a tiny African wildcat, it’s a home cat breed by and thru.

The Historical past of Abyssinian Cats

an abyssinian cat in cream back ground

When the breed was first introduced to an exhibition within the early 1870s, they stated that the cat was captured by British Troopers from Abyssinia (now Ethiopia) within the then-recent battle. Naturally, this false impression was fossilized, giving the Abyssinian cat breed its title. Nonetheless, latest research present that essentially the most possible origin of the Abyssinian is in elements of South East Asia and the coast of the Indian Ocean.

The ticked sample on the coat of the Abyssinian reminded individuals of the camouflage sample on the fur of the wild rabbit. Folks had been fascinated by the breed and shortly it was bred all through Europe, america, and Canada. This reputation labored to its benefit as a result of World Wars I and II virtually annihilated the Abyssinian breed in Europe. New Abyssinians had been then imported, and it flourished once more. 

Within the late Sixties, when the FIV nearly destroyed the breed in Britain, extra Abyssinians had been introduced in to re-establish it as soon as extra.

At the moment, the Aby is of the most well-liked pedigree cats. Based on the Cat Fanciers’ Affiliation, it’s among the many prime widespread breed.


an abyssinian cat waiting for cuddles atop a table

Though an brisk feline, the Abyssinian is a straightforward cat to have in your house. They like the corporate of individuals and different pets. They get pleasure from a number of interactive play with toys and other people. They’ll definitely speak with you in a gentle, peaceable voice. Whereas their brief hair is low upkeep, the Abyssinian likes being brushed or rubbed with a chamois towel.

This cat breed is usually referred to as Aby-silly-a as a result of its vigorous character. The intense and curious Aby can also be a sporty breed. They wish to spend time climbing on excessive areas, discovering each nook and cranny of the house and are ever curious of what their people are as much as. The Aby will thrive in a house that invests a number of time partaking with them.

Bodily Traits

photo of an abyssinian cat in a loaf position

The Abyssinian is a slender, medium-sized cat. The pinnacle in all fairness wedge-shaped, with a slight break on the muzzle. Its nostril and chin nearly kind a straight vertical line when they’re at profile. They’ve sharp, comparatively huge, and pointed ears; the legs are additionally slender, including grace to their total look. Its eyes are almond-shaped and are often gold, hazel, copper, or inexperienced, relying on their coat shade.


an abyssinian hiding inside a brown paper bag

Seemingly all the time in movement, the Aby will decelerate typically to curve up subsequent to you on the couch or in mattress. Though impartial, it does greatest with a further Aby buddy to match their excessive vitality, particularly when their homeowners are all the time away.

Abyssinians are a favourite breed of cat due to their intelligence and extroverted, playful, and willful personalities. They’ve excessive probabilities of being depressed with out fixed every day actions and the eye of their homeowners.

The Aby has a “dog-like” attachment on its homeowners. Abyssinian and Burmese cats rely enormously on human consideration in contrast with different cats. This stands, in distinction, to easily being “tolerant” that different cats have a popularity for.

Total, the Aby is an brisk cat demanding excessive exercise stage from homeowners, with gentle vocalizations that don’t seem to be the anticipated “meow.” They’re caring in addition to pleasant in the direction of individuals.

Coat Colours

a serious looking abyssinian cat sitting outside

Abyssinian kittens have darkish coats at start. This step by step lightens as they age, often over a number of months. The grownup coat is ideally dense, close-lying, and silky to the contact. However the shade is all the time darker alongside the backbone and tail, rear of the hind legs, and the pads of the paws. The breed’s trademark ticked coat or what we name the agouti sample is successfully discovered all through the entire physique. The M-shaped marking is often discovered on the temple.

The breed additionally is available in many colours: chocolate, cinnamon, blue, lilac, and fawn, in addition to a silver variation for each certainly one of these colours. Silver Abyssinians have an icy white coloration closest to the pores and skin and ticks alongside the hair shaft.

The Fundamentals of Abyssinian Pet Grooming

Weekly pet grooming suffices to maintain your Aby’s coat shiny, however you would possibly want rather more fixed brushing and showering all through shedding seasons to eliminate the falling hair. Trim the nails as wanted, usually each 1 to 2 weeks. Abyssinians can develop periodontal illness, so brush their tooth at dwelling with a vet-approved animal toothpaste and have common vet cleanings.

Well being

Abyssinians might have a extra vital menace for the next illness in cats:

  • Early periodontal illness – The breed might be weak to gingivitis, leading to extra extreme periodontitis and dental illness.
  • Hyperesthesia syndrome
  • Patellar luxation
  • Progressive retinal atrophy – The Abyssinian has had extreme issues with blindness introduced on by genetic retinal atrophy or degradation as a result of anomalies within the rdAc gene. Nonetheless, the frequency has been minimized from 45% to lower than 4% in 2008 within the nation of Sweden.
  • Pyruvate kinase deficiency
  • Renal amyloidosis – A kidney illness in cats ensuing from an anomaly within the AA amyloid protein genetics that has been seen in Abyssinians.

Adopting a Feline from Abyssinian Rescue or a Sanctuary

A breeder is not the one useful resource for an Aby. Though Abyssinian kittens are virtually by no means present in sanctuaries, grownup Abys (pedigreed and combined) aren’t as fortunate. To start your search, take a look at revered Abyssinian rescue teams. It is likewise value contacting neighborhood sanctuaries, together with looking the listings on Petfinder. Regardless of the way you get your Abyssinian, just be sure you have a superb settlement with the seller, shelter, or rescue crew. In states with “pet lemon legal guidelines,” confirm that you simply and the individual you get the Aby from each know your rights and selections.

After getting discovered an ideal Aby match, take your kitten cat or grownup cat to a vet instantly for a well being examine, along with establishing a preventative routine to cease future well being issues.

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