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An Extraordinarily Uncommon Steller’s Sea Eagle Has Been Traversing the US Since 2020

A “Steller” Eagle

The Steller’s Sea Eagle is a really giant and highly effective raptor which is usually discovered in Japan, alongside the Japanese coast of Russia, and alongside the North Japanese coast of Asia. Steller’s Sea Eagles are sometimes given the title of the heaviest eagle on the planet, though there are just a few different contenders for this title.

With a wingspan that may attain as much as eight ft, talons and a invoice which might be a placing shade of yellow, and distinctive darkish brown and white plumage, the Steller’s Sea Eagle is an unmistakable and visually beautiful raptor. The relative shortage of the Steller’s Sea Eagle solely serves to extend its attract. There are believed to be lower than 5,000 of those spectacular birds left within the wild.

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An Uncommon Customer

Subsisting largely off of fish, this comparatively unusual chicken of prey wanders the coastlines and waterways of its native vary with occasional “vagrant” people venturing past their common haunts.

Unusually, although, during the last 12 months one explicit Steller’s Sea Eagle has gone from “vagrant” to globetrotter. This particular person eagle first entered the highlight in the summertime of 2020 when it was sighted in Alaska. This was an uncommon and thrilling incidence, however not solely unparalleled. As a result of Steller’s Sea Eagles tend to wander, and since Alaska shouldn’t be dramatically far exterior of their common vary, particular person birds have been noticed so far as Alaska earlier than. Although, this particular person was additional inland than one would count on.

What adopted this primary sighting could be one thing no one may predict.

The Flight of the Wanderer

After just a few months of evading detection, the seemingly misplaced Steller’s Sea Eagle appeared to have simply been a very far reaching vagrant. That’s, till it appeared once more in probably the most unlikely of locations.

Months later, in March of 2021, a birder in Goliad, Texas posted an picture of a big raptor perched on a gnarled tree on a nature retreat to the retreat’s Fb web page. This modified every part. The chicken within the picture was unmistakably a Steller’s Sea Eagle. These birds had by no means been noticed within the wild Texas earlier than, nor had they ever been seen this far out of their common vary.

The sighting in Texas started a saga that will span the North American subcontinent. Over the next months, this identical particular person eagle which may be recognized by a white marking on its left wing, was seen in North Japanese Canada and Nova Scotia.

In late 2021, the Steller’s Sea Eagle returned to the US, making an look in Massachusetts in December.

So, the place is that this mysterious traveler now? Starting in late December of 2021 and persevering with into January of 2022, the now world well-known vagrant eagle has been noticed a number of instances within the Sheepscot River space in Maine.

Steller's Sea Eagle in Japan
Photograph by Vincent Camacho on Unsplash

Dwelling Away From Dwelling

So, why has this Steller’s Sea Eagle come right here, and when will it return to its rightful nook of the globe? The reply shouldn’t be so easy.

Vagrancy in birds happens for quite a few causes, and isn’t solely understood. Knowledge as soon as held that vagrant birds have been people that have been “faulty” indirectly. Trendy researchers counsel that this uncommon habits shouldn’t be fairly so easy. Inhabitants progress, local weather change, and character quirks have all been urged as contributing elements to avian vagrancy.

As for the Steller’s Sea Eagle that has wandered so removed from house, house might imply one thing solely totally different now. It has been speculated by some that this chicken has an unusually lively intuition emigrate; one thing which usually conjures up youthful Steller’s Sea Eales to wander a lot nearer to their typical vary. Others have puzzled if a climate occasion may’ve blown this particular person off target. Whatever the motive for this chicken’s journey, it’s practically unattainable to foretell what the end result can be.

Residing up to now exterior of its native vary probably presents distinctive challenges for this eagle. It has no others of its form to breed with, it has doubtless confronted local weather situations that it might by no means encounter alongside the Japanese coasts of Asia and Russia. Whether or not a Steller’s Sea Eagle can thrive in North America is an entire unknown. Within the face of this unknown, birders throughout the globe proceed to want this distinctive chicken secure travels.

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