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Topher Brophy struggled to belong whereas rising up. He battled emotions of rejection and loneliness and at all times questioned why simply residing on this planet, which appears simple for others, was so tough for him. He fought with what he referred to as the “unhappy illness” till Rosenberg got here into his life.

Brophy’s new e-book, Canine Dad: How Animals Carry Out The Greatest In Us And Can Assist Save The World, tells the heartwarming story of how changing into a canine dad modified every little thing for him – how the companionship and love he acquired from his shaggy Aussiedoodle pet led to the companionship and love he can now give. It’s due to Rosenberg that Brophy lastly felt like he belonged. The e-book recounts how Brophy and Rosenberg are collectively devoted to the upper function of serving to others.

It actually occurred to Topher Brophy, and it may actually occur to anybody. Canine Dad is obtainable on Amazon or at your native retailer. And proceeds profit American Humane!

We’re grateful to Brophy and Rosenberg for supporting our mission in selling the welfare and security of animals and strengthening the bond between animals and other people.







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