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A cat’s tail is arguably certainly one of its hallmark options. You may know so much about how a cat feels simply by taking a look at its tail. Cats use their tails for a lot of issues, like balancing on ledges, so it could be unusual to see a cat with no tail. 

However, some cats are born with out tails or have stubby, bobbed tails. Oddly sufficient, these bobtail breeds, as we will discover out, began as a pure genetic anomaly. One other is that the majority of them come from islands.

Bobtails normally don’t have an effect on a cat’s life-style, though these breeds typically endure joint irritation of the tailbone. Whereas tails play a necessary position in facets of a cat’s life, like equilibrium, righting reflex, and sensory contact, these bobtail cats appear to handle simply positive with their quick tails!

Cat Breeds With out Tails

Technically, the Manx and the Cymric cat are the one breeds with out tails. Each breeds are from the Isle of Man, a little bit island in an remoted space the place inbreeding within the feline populace made the shortage of tail a standard incidence. The genetic mutations occur, so cats are born with out the vertebrae of a standard tail, inflicting a tiny hole the place the tail is predicted to be. 

On this record that we compiled, due to this fact, we’ve included cats with bobtails to offer readers extra info and richer studying. Allow us to be taught extra concerning the cat breeds with out tails or bobtails, lets? 


manx cat

The Manx, the one official tailless breed of cat, comes from the Isle of Man between the nations of Nice Britain and Eire. Isle of Man residents are pleased with this, and the Manx adorn the island’s cash, stamps, shops, and even firm logos.

Individuals love Manx cats for his or her personalities in addition to their appearances. They’re stocky, muscled felines with quick backs and an unlimited leaping vary. Legend has it that the Manx cat received its tail reduce as a result of it was late for Noah’s Ark departure and received its tail caught on the door.



Cymrics are sometimes called long-haired Manx. In fact, Cymric cats look a lot bigger than they’re, exactly due to their lengthy hair.

Just like the Manx, Cymrics could be born with a kinked tail or no tail. They’re playful and are very loyal to their house owners. These cats aren’t bothered by numerous actions. Nonetheless, it would be best to give them quite a lot of consideration.

American Bobtail

american bobtail

The American Bobtail, generally known as the Golden Retriever of the cat world, was first bred across the Sixties. A pair had their bobtail cat and mated with a avenue bobtail cat they received from the streets. The kindle that was born has similar-looking stubby tails, and immediately, the breeding of this lovely cat continues.

Not solely does this cat have a stumped tail as a distinguished characteristic of its breed, however it’s additionally identified for its pleasant character. These cats are large and muscular; thick muscle mass makes them look even larger. Study extra concerning the American Bobtail on this weblog.

Japanese Bobtail

japanese bobtail

The Japanese Bobtail is the most typical of all bobtail cat breeds. It has a extra petite physique than the American Bobtail and a stubbier tail, much like a rabbit’s. This breed has been documented in writing and work in Japan for at the very least a thousand years. These cats have been as soon as feral within the streets of Japan however at the moment are acknowledged as an official breed worldwide. Japanese Bobtail cats have been first imported to the U.S. in 1968.

Japanese Bobtails are normally calico, however they are often present in virtually each different coat colour. Regardless of the identify, its origin could be traced not simply to Japan however to China, Tibet, and Korea.



Pixiebobs look similar to the American Bobtail, solely with shorter hair. It was bred to seem like wild pink bobcats within the coastal mountains of Washington state. These dog-like cats can develop as much as 17 kilos and are normally polydactyl. They typically have tabby fur with completely different lengths of the tail. Though they’ve the “wild” look, Pixiebobs are all home.

Whereas most cats meow, Pixie Bobs are likely to make chirping noises. They’re comparatively mellow felines who take pleasure in being round individuals.

Owyhee Bob

owyhee bob

The Owyhee Bob originated from the unintended and intentional breeding of Siamese and Manx breeds. The Owyhee Bob is sluggish to develop into maturity, because the Manx, and has a colorpoint coat, just like the Siamese.

Kurilian Bobtail

kurilian bobtail

The Kurilian Bobtail’s heritage could be present in Jap Russian Islands like Kamchatka, Sakhalin, and the Kuril Islands. These cats are robust, love searching, and go nicely with different animals, even canine.

Kurilian bobtails are usually present in pink, gray, and striped colours. Just like the Japanese Bobtail, the Kurilian Bobtail cats have extra of a pom-pom-shaped tail. Individuals love these cats for his or her pleasant character.

Highlander Cat


Highlanders was once referred to as Highland Lynx, however their names have been modified in 2005. The full of life and delicate Highlander got here from a crossbreed of the Desert Lynx bobtail cats, the place it received the quick tail and unique spots, and the Jungle Curl, the place it received his distinctive crinkled ears. They’ve a singular look to them, however in fact, the cat appears wilder than it truly is.

They make unbelievable pets, though they’re very energetic and demand quite a lot of exercise. You will want to make sure that they get nice playtime. One notable attribute of the Highlander is that they’ve a passion for water and normally love splashing in it.

Mekong Bobtail

mekong bobtail

The Mekong Bobtail is known as after the Mekong River and is of course discovered all through quite a few components of Southeast Asia. Within the final a part of the nineteenth century, about 200 cats, thought-about “royal,” have been gifted to Nicholas II, the Tsar of Russia, by the King of Indonesia (or Siam, because it was beforehand referred to as).

Final Phrases

Cats with out tails are sought not just for their obvious bodily quirkiness but in addition for his or her enjoyable personalities. These felines are y fabulous, nice, in addition to spirited.

As it’s possible you’ll anticipate, many misconceptions and legends round tailless felines fluctuate from fantastical to unusual. The reality stays that they’re the result of pure genetic mutations.

Cats with out tails appear extra like wild cats as a result of they carefully resemble animals just like the Lynx or Bobcat. Their appearances belie the fact that many are affectionate and outwardly pleasant in direction of individuals and different pets. They oppose the notion that each one felines are withdrawn. Quite the opposite, they’re feline mates by way of and thru! It is one of many purr-sonality that makes them so distinctive.







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