Episode 204: Your horse experiences your physique.


Once you work together with your horse, you have a look at his physique to grasp his full expertise. You most likely discover his bodily responses to your cues, in addition to bodily clues to his emotional state.
Have you ever stopped to think about that your horse is doing the identical factor?

Simply as your horse’s emotional state is mirrored in his physique, YOUR emotional state is mirrored in your physique, too.
Rider’s are inclined to give attention to bodily cues they offer the horse, for instance, the appliance of the rein, leg, or seat aids.
The larger impression you make is together with your vitality, which is the expression of your feelings in your physique.
As people, we’ve got a novel skill to disconnect. This generally is a downside if we do it when with our horses…as a result of your horse is consistently studying your physique.
The most effective information is that this can be a talent.
It’s one thing that may be taught.
It’s one thing you may be taught.
Pay attention and be taught extra.







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