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Flock-Blocked Albatross Finds Love With One other Male


Like people, some animals are heterosexual, some are gay, and a few are someplace in between. Yep, people aren’t the one ones—albatrosses, giraffes, penguins, lions, and members of many different species have been noticed participating in same-sex exercise, too.

Sexuality is a spectrum and a pure a part of the animal kingdom. Similar to us, each animal is a person with a variety of feelings and the flexibility and need to type relationships. They’re right here, and so they’re queer—stay and let stay.

The Albatross

Identical-sex coupling is changing into extra widespread among the many Antipodean wandering albatross inhabitants as birds wrestle to search out opposite-sex companions. On account of industrial fishing close to the feminine’s northern feeding grounds, many feminine albatross are caught and drowned as bycatch, inflicting males to outnumber them three to 1. These massive birds crave companionship, and lots of keep collectively for as much as 50 years in opposite-sex or same-sex relationships.

When one freshly mature male tried to woo a feminine in an episode of Frozen Planet II, it appeared like issues have been off to an excellent begin: They strutted, cooed, and even wing-flapped at each other. Nonetheless, the younger albatross was quickly flock-blocked by different suitors. After accepting that the feminine simply wasn’t that into him, he was approached by one of many new arrivals, who was one other male. The 2 hit it off immediately and courted. They nibbled on each other’s necks, nested, and in any other case doted on each other.

Japanese Macaques

Let’s get one factor straight: Japanese macaques aren’t all the time. These primates usually show bisexual conduct, exploring sexual exercise with each the alternative and the identical intercourse. Feminine Japanese macaques typically pursue same-sex sexual companions even when a male macaque exhibits curiosity in them—they only favor to get along with one other feminine. It’s biology, child.


Penguins are famously monogamous, identified to hyperlink up with one accomplice for all times. Amongst these long-lasting, loving relationships are numerous same-sex {couples} sticking collectively via thick and skinny. In 1911, George Murray Levick noticed gay exercise in a wild penguin colony at Cape Adare in Antarctica. Since then, 1000’s extra same-sex penguin {couples} have been noticed.


Experiences present that bottlenose dolphins have interaction in nonreproductive sexual exercise with out regard for organic intercourse, and one pod of Amazon river dolphins was even noticed participating in gay group intercourse. They don’t have to apologize for who they’re—and neither ought to another animal, people included! You do you, dolphins.


Each African and Asian elephants have interaction in gay intercourse and relationships. Experiences present that feminine and male elephants alike are affectionate with their same-sex companions past sexual exercise—doing issues equivalent to grooming, kissing, and intertwining their trunks—and that these relationships usually final years.


Research present that homosexual intercourse amongst giraffes makes up over 90% of all noticed sexual exercise in these animals, which means giraffes have interaction in rather more same-sex lovin’ than they do opposite-sex lovin’.

Male giraffes are particularly curious about one another. They rub their necks alongside one another’s our bodies and spend many hours courting and caressing their potential accomplice. Merely put, giraffes are massive on homosexuality (and foreplay).


For many years, scientists noticed male lions nuzzling, caressing, and mounting one another, participating in same-sex sexual relations.

Though much less probably to take action than their male counterparts, feminine lions, too, have been identified to like up on each other. We predict it’s purrfect that these animals mate with whomever they please.

Present Animals Love

At PETA, we imagine in compassion and empathy for all, no matter age, gender, race, sexual orientation, or species. People are just one species of animal amongst many. All animals—no matter species—should have the chance to stay as they select. Please be a part of us within the battle for a extra simply society by pledging to reject prejudice and the rest that causes hurt to these with whom we share this planet. Pledge to assist finish speciesism:


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