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Fox Symbolism & That means (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)

Usually considered sly and intelligent trickster spirits, the fox is a creature which options closely within the myths, legends, and storytelling traditions of cultures across the globe. Discovered on each continent besides Antarctica, the fox has lived alongside mankind for the reason that daybreak of civilization and continues to encourage the human creativeness to this present day.

Whether or not you benefit from the myths and tales of enigmatic trickster foxes, or whether or not you are feeling drawn to the mysterious allure of those alluring canines, or whether or not you merely recognize the wild great thing about the fox, learn on to be taught extra in regards to the symbolism of foxes!

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Fox Symbolism and which means

Foxes are sometimes seen as crafty, mysterious tricksters which are sometimes related with the supernatural in folklore.

The custom of foxhunting dates way back to the fifteenth century and is chargeable for many inventive and cultural impressions of the fox, particularly in Europe and the USA. Historically, a fox hunt entails chasing a fox with a pack of scent hounds. Most often the fox is slain by the pack of hounds with the hunters retrieving components of the conceal for its fur. To many trendy audiences, this custom appears unnecessarily merciless. It’s however part of the cultural identification of the fox. Phrases like “a fox on the run” consult with the frantic pursuit of those beset mammals. So, foxes may symbolize escape, worry, persecution, or the hunt itself. (1)

On the same observe, a “foxhole” is a pit dug out by troopers to keep away from enemy hearth. Being “down a foxhole” or “in a foxhole” is usually understood to imply that an individual is trapped, pinned down, and in a jam. The phrase “there are not any atheists in foxholes” implies that when individuals are cornered and afraid they attraction to greater powers which they may not usually even acknowledge. So, a fox can symbolize being cornered, trapped, or in bother. (2)


To name somebody “cunning” or a “stone chilly fox” implies that the person is sexually enticing. A “silver fox” refers to an older one that continues to attract admiring glances. Thus, a fox may symbolize intercourse attraction. (3)

A “fox within the henhouse” is usually used to consult with a harmful one that preys on the defenseless and round whom it’s unwise to let down one’s guard. This is only one side of the detrimental connotations that foxes maintain in agricultural contexts due to their cleverness and dedication to steal livestock.

Foxes, nonetheless, do have loads of constructive meanings too. The pink fur of the fox is related to hearth, heat, and keenness. Foxes are extremely social and communicative. They type pairs that are normally monogamous and rear their pups with care. Though they typically transfer below cowl of darkness, foxes are not any extra evil than owls, raccoons, or different nocturnal animals. They’re only a bit misunderstood generally. The fox can characterize communication, adaptability, neighborhood, devotion, household, and carefulness. (4)

Fox Native American Symbolism

The fox performs many alternative roles in Native American myths based mostly upon the tribe and area. In some areas, the fox is a benevolent and beloved spirit who’s credited with creating the earth and guiding mankind. In different areas, foxes typically fill the identical function because the coyote, the function of the crafty trickster who serves his personal pursuits and acts on his whims with little regard for others. (5)

In Cree mythology, the fox is a benevolent and sensible spirit who takes the type of an previous girl to help individuals in want. In a single delusion, a younger hero is fleeing from his jealous father who intends to kill him with various magical assaults. The fox girl topics the younger hero to some exams and helps him escape as soon as he has confirmed his value. When his father units searching canine on the boy, the fox girl offers him an ermine’s pores and skin to distract and confuse the searching canine. (6)


Foxes exist in lots of Native traditions as clan animals which characterize a household or clan affiliation. The fox is usually related to hearth and the solar in addition to crafty and magic.

Fox Japanese Symbolism

In Japanese mythology, foxes are vital animals whose nature associates them with magic, thriller, and energy. In lots of tales, fox spirits or “kitsune” seem as shapeshifters. Kitsune are thought-about to have unbelievable intelligence and the power to take human type every time they please. In myths, the kitsune typically seems to punish the grasping, boastful, and depraved. Kitsune use illusions or hearth, monsters, and magic to trick those that deserve punishment. Usually kitsune tips lead to embarrassment and humiliation for the sufferer. (7)


As well as, the Shinto god Inari is usually related to foxes. Inari is the god of rice and the protector of rice cultivation. Whereas this will appear minor, contemplate Inari to be a serious harvest deity who protects the meals that the individuals depend on for sustenance. Additionally related to retailers, swordsmiths and swordsmen, and leisure, Inari is a vital benevolent determine in Shinto perception methods. Foxes are sometimes depicted as guardians of Inari’s shrines, as messengers of this god, or as servants who act out Inari’s will. Statues of foxes are very often discovered round shrines devoted to Inari. Due to this deity, the fox is related to benevolence, prosperity, and fortune. (8)

Fox Christianity Symbolism

In Christian symbolism, the fox normally takes on a extra detrimental connotation, seemingly on account of its fame as an agricultural pest.

From Luke 13:31-33:

“At the moment some Pharisees got here to Jesus and mentioned to him, “Depart this place and go some place else. Herod needs to kill you.” He replied, “Go inform that fox, ‘I’ll carry on driving out demons and therapeutic individuals at the moment and tomorrow, and on the third day I’ll attain my aim.’ In any case, I need to press on at the moment and tomorrow and the subsequent day—for absolutely no prophet can die outdoors Jerusalem!” (9)

On this passage the detrimental fame of the fox is apparent. Herod, the enemy of Jesus Christ, is known as a fox and is thus portrayed as conniving and villainous.


In Judges 15:3-5 Sampson makes use of a bunch of foxes to punish the Philistines:

“Samson mentioned to them, “This time I’ve a proper to get even with the Philistines; I’ll actually hurt them.” So he went out and caught 300 foxes and tied them tail to tail in pairs. He then fixed a torch to each pair of tails, lit the torches and let the foxes free within the standing grain of the Philistines. He burned up the shocks and standing grain, along with the vineyards and olive groves.” (10)

Whereas this passage is considerably graphic, it does show additional the damaging connotation hooked up to foxes, although the foxes are hardly “at fault” on this case.

Matthew 8:20:

“Jesus replied, “Foxes have dens and birds have nests, however the Son of Man has no place to put his head.””(11)

Whereas this final passage could also be extra temporary than the earlier two, I feel it’s the most helpful by way of understanding how a Christian ought to treat foxes. Jesus refers to foxes of their dens and birds of their nests as creatures of their rightful place. In agricultural settings, foxes can positively be pests. Christianity, nonetheless, does preach appreciation for all of nature as God’s creation. The peacefulness of the fox in its den is an idyllic picture which demonstrates the great thing about nature in stability.

Fox Celtic Symbolism

The fox is vital in Irish tradition due to its reference to Saint Brigid, the patroness saint of Eire who based Eire’s first nunnery. Brigid is credited with performing a lot of miracles, together with restoring sight to the blind. Her many pious traits typically contribute to her affiliation with animals. As a result of she was so mild, it’s mentioned that many animals beloved her. In keeping with one legend, a younger workman was to be put to dying as a result of he had by chance slain the beloved tamed pet fox of the king of Leinster. Although Brigid did love animals, she didn’t need this workman to be slain over a mistake. Meaning to purpose with the king, Brigid set out for Leinster on a path by some woods. As she walked she noticed a small fox slinking by the thickets. Impressed, Brigid beckoned to the fox which was immediately charmed by her and commenced to comply with and obey her. When Brigid arrived on the king’s court docket, the king was incensed and wouldn’t take heed to purpose. His pet fox was dearly beloved and will carry out various spectacular tips on command. Fearing for the workman’s life, Brigid commanded her new fox companion to carry out the lifeless fox’s tips. Delighted, the king started enjoying with this new fox. Brigid provided to let him preserve the fox in alternate for the workman’s freedom. The king agreed, however finally misplaced curiosity in his new pet. It’s mentioned that when no one was paying consideration, the fox escaped the fort and journeyed out to search out Brigid once more. (12)


One other Celtic delusion suggests a connection between foxes and Vikings. Some previous wives’ tales from Eire insist that foxes didn’t exist on the island till the primary Viking raiders arrived. The Vikings, allegedly, introduced the foxes with them as searching hounds. This isn’t very seemingly, for various causes, however it’s an attention-grabbing little bit of Irish fox lore!

Fox African Symbolism

In West African mythology, the fox represents dysfunction, loneliness, crafty, and foresight. That is because of the mythological determine of Pale Fox which belongs to Dogon mythology. In keeping with Dogon mythology, the creator god, Amma, made the Earth Mom from clay after which copulated along with her to supply a number of units of twins. One set, the Nommo, consisted of a male humanoid and feminine humanoid with inexperienced hair and snake-like our bodies. The Nommo have been water spirits. Subsequent, the Earth Mom gave delivery to the “Pale Fox.” Pale Fox was born early and with out his twin sister. And not using a feminine counterpart, Pale Fox was devoid of stability and able to upsetting the stability of the world. (13)


Pale Fox is alleged to be a trickster who typically behaves disruptively resulting from a scarcity of stability between female and male energies. Pale Fox is a lonely being who roams the earth trying to find his feminine counterpart whom he can not ever find. Whereas most Pale Fox myths paint him as a manipulative and mischievous trickster, he’s additionally very revered. Some rituals involving Pale Fox are thought to foretell an individual’s destiny.

Fox in Desires

Dreaming of a fox can point out longing. Like foxhunters, who typically spend lengthy hours chasing the elusive animals to no avail, the fox can seem to us in goals as an indication of a aim, ambition, or need that continues to elude us. Dreaming of a fox could also be an indication to alter your strategy. Strive chasing your goals with a bit extra subtlety, you might even profit from ignoring your aim for some time and specializing in the current. Usually, excellent news finds us once we chill out our vitality a bit.


A fox in a dream might also characterize confusion or uncertainty. Foxes are sometimes related to the mysterious and arcane. Dreaming of 1 can imply that you’re struggling to understand one thing or that one other individual’s actions are complicated you.

A fox dream may point out freedom, and the will for it. All around the world, foxes are related with wild areas and the fauna that inhabit these wildernesses. Dreaming of 1 can imply that you simply really feel trapped by mundanity or routine and may profit from some spontaneity.

Fox Encounters and Omens

A number of superstitions revolve round encounters with a fox, sadly most superstitions contemplate the fox to be dangerous luck or an unwell omen. That is principally as a result of, in agricultural settings, foxes is usually a dangerous signal. On farms, foxes lurk round as a result of they intend to make off with some livestock. So, for a farmer, a fox encounter can imply bother afoot.


In some instances, a fox encounter is usually a warning that somebody untrustworthy is close to. The proverbial “fox within the henhouse” conceals their true intentions to reap the benefits of the naivete of others. In the event you encounter a fox, study whether or not these round you really deserve your belief.

Fox Mythology and Folklore

Most fox myths function this animal as a crafty trickster spirit or as an envoy of the wilderness.

In Aesop’s Fables, the fox typically seems as a mischievous character who receives a comeuppance for tormenting different animals. In “The Fox and the Crane,” for instance, the fox performs a trick on the crane by inviting the fowl over for dinner and serving soup in a really shallow dish. Due to the crane’s lengthy beak, the fox can lap up the soup however the crane can not scoop it into its mouth. The fox thought his trick was humorous, however the crane was gracious and invited the fox to affix him for dinner the subsequent day. When the fox arrived on the crane’s dwelling the subsequent day, the desk was set with scrumptious meals all contained inside a big bottle with an extended slender neck. The crane might dip his beak into the bottle to eat, however the fox might solely lick the surface. (14)


Fox Spirit Animal

If the fox is your spirit animal then you’re seemingly a shy and reserved one that enjoys their privateness. Although shy, the fox spirit animal does type deep relationships with a choose few whom it trusts.

Folks with the fox as their spirit animal could also be misunderstood and regarded as impolite, shifty, or withdrawn, just because they prefer to preserve to themselves. Don’t be discouraged, although! The individuals who decide you on your shyness should not the individuals whose firm you’d get pleasure from.

The fox spirit typically resides in people who find themselves bold and strategic. Passionate and liable to dreaming huge, the fox spirit units targets and works tirelessly to realize them. Folks with the fox spirit animal might discover themselves to be obsessive about acquiring the long run that they need for themselves.

Folks with the fox spirit animal are inventive, however might categorical themselves in unconventional methods. That is all a part of the fox spirit’s distinctive manner of viewing and interacting with the world. The fox spirit animal sees hidden meanings that others don’t and seeks to attract connections between patterns that different individuals don’t even discover.

As a result of the fox is usually missed and located in shadowy locations, individuals with the fox spirit animal are observant and revel in studying to learn the feelings and motivations of others. Folks-watching is a favourite pastime for the fox spirit.

Fox Totem Animal

The fox totem animal is related to goals and premonitions. In case your totem animal is the fox then you might be barely extra tuned in to the movement of time and the unconscious than most individuals.

Folks with the fox totem are inclined to have intense goals which can be crammed with imagery and symbols. It’s because the fox totem is each very open-minded and really introspective. Fox totem goals is perhaps complicated, however they permit distinctive insights into the psyche if explored correctly.


The fox totem animal is usually present in individuals who expertise “deja vu” typically and will really feel disconnected with the ahead march of time. Whereas not each uncanny sensation constitutes a imaginative and prescient of the long run, experiencing premonitions is usually a very potent and transferring sensation. The fox totem is all about heightened senses which show you how to to decide on paths which can be secure and fruitful.

Fox Energy Animal

The fox energy animal is related to phantasm. Folks with the fox as their energy animal are expert liars who might use their skills for good or evil. When mendacity persuasively, the fox energy animal simply manipulates the belief of others.


This manipulation can simply be used to hurt individuals, nonetheless in lots of settings it will also be a present. Soothing a hurting buddy by convincing them that tomorrow shall be a greater day, for instance, is one expertise that the fox energy animal might bestow.

Phantasm will also be an unbelievable device on the subject of visualization and storytelling. The fox energy animal is nice at crafting photos for itself and others. This permits the fox to remain targeted and work in direction of carrying out its targets. This imagery additionally offers the fox a singular means to captivate the imaginations of others and inform compelling tales.

Fox Tattoo That means

From femininity to secrets and techniques to magic, the fox symbolizes so many issues {that a} fox tattoo can imply nearly something. The type, cultural context, and particular person imagery of a fox tattoo might also affect its which means.

Here’s what some basic forms of the fox tattoos stand for:

  • Brown fox tattoo- symbolizes adaptability and invisibility
  • Black fox tattoo- symbolizes each good luck and in addition oppressiveness
  • Crimson fox tattoo- embodies stability and inside energy
  • White fox tattoo- represents persistence, stealth, and crafty

A tattoo of a fox in a Japanese type might characterize both the “kitsune” spirit or the servants of the god Inari. In both case, the fox tattoo may characterize safety and guardianship. Within the case of the kitsune, a fox tattoo can imply justice, phantasm, thriller, or benevolence.

A Celtic themed fox tattoo might consult with Saint Brigid’s tamed fox. Such a tattoo might characterize Eire itself, gentleness, female advantage, devotion, or selflessness.

A fox tattoo which encompasses a working fox may characterize the foxhunt. This tattoo might point out an individual who feels set upon or persecuted by the world.


Foxes are advanced animals whose historical past with people has typically been adversarial. Regardless of this, human cultures are captivated by this beautiful animal and sometimes attribute supernatural qualities to the fox. Whether or not the fox is your spirit animal or whether or not you are feeling drawn to the enigmatic folktale identification of this elusive animal, the fox is nonetheless a creature which evokes the human creativeness.


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