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Grebe Symbolism & Which means (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)

Grebes are a gaggle of distinctive water birds with a large distribution and a big number of particular person species. On the entire, grebes are sometimes present in freshwater environments, although they will also be discovered near the shorelines in marine environments. (1)

Grebes are specifically tailored for diving. They possess particular lobed toes that are wonderful for propelling them by the water. Their legs are located in the direction of the again of their our bodies, giving them a hydrodynamic missile-like form. Due to this distinctive anatomical design, nonetheless, the grebe is exceptionally clumsy on land. They’re liable to falling after a number of steps and are most frequently seen within the water. (2)

Grebes additionally interact in a singular conduct that serves as an adaptation to guard their digestive methods. Grebes eat their very own feathers. Actually, they eat a lot of their feathers that it’s not unusual for as much as half of a grebe’s abdomen to comprise feathers. This behavior could also be weird, but it surely protects their digestive methods by forming a barrier by which undigestible meals objects, like bones and cartilage, are unable to move. This feather barrier retains this stuff from damaging their intestines. The grebe ultimately expels this stuff within the type of pellets. That is just like the best way that owls deal with undigestible objects. (3)

Grebes are pretty widespread and regarded by many to be unremarkable. Absolutely, although, there have to be many issues that we are able to study from a chicken with such fascinating diversifications. The grebe, actually, is a chicken with tons of mythological significance. If the serene picture of the grebe floating on nonetheless water speaks to you, or should you discover the clumsy awkwardness of the grebe waddling onto land to be charming, then learn on to study concerning the knowledge of the grebe.

Grebe Symbolism and Which means

The grebe is an emblem of serenity and peace. Many affiliate this chicken with idyllic scenes of crystal-clear lakes and languidly floating birds that adorn the water like lotus flowers. Paradoxically, although, grebes on land are the other of stylish.

As a result of grebes are so sleek and easy on the water and so clumsy and incompetent on land, the grebe is an emblem of particular person strengths. As the usually misquoted saying goes: “Everyone seems to be a genius. However should you choose a fish by its potential to climb a tree, it is going to dwell its entire life believing that it’s silly.” (4) If we apply this quote to the grebe, then this chicken is an Einstein within the water! Constructed for diving, the grebe is poorly tailored for land and for flying, nonetheless within the water it’s unbeatable.

The grebe can be symbolic of romance. Grebe’s are well-known for his or her elaborate courtship shows. These shows typically characteristic eye-catching tandem rushes throughout the floor of the water and gift-giving “dances” whereby bits of aquatic weeds are held or exchanged. (5)

Grebe with Chick
Picture by Elsemargriet on Pixabay

As soon as the pair of birds have accomplished the courtship course of, they rear a single brood of chicks annually. These chicks are carried on the mom’s again and tended to by each mom and father. For that reason, the grebe might also characterize parenthood and safety. (6)

Grebe Native American Symbolism

In Native American traditions, the grebe is often related to braveness and shrewdness. In a number of archetypal myths whereby the hero slays a gaggle of gullible geese, the grebe is the primary chicken who is smart and vigilant sufficient to note and name out a warning. (7)

Grebe Celtic Symbolism

In Celtic traditions, the grebe was mentioned to be a guardian of the spirit world. (8)

Grebe in Goals

Dreaming of a grebe is an effective indicator that these distinctive birds have some knowledge in retailer for you.

A dream wherein a grebe seems within the water, and particularly diving, signifies that the dreamer is at peace with the path of their life and that they’re making the correct decisions to deliver out their strongest, happiest self.

Dreaming of a grebe on land is probably going an indication that the dreamer has not but found their best skills or property. It might additionally imply that the alternatives the dreamer is making are holding them again. If you end up struggling to maneuver ahead, look at whether or not the route you could have chosen means that you can make the most of your strengths.

Grebe Encounters and Omens

An encounter with a grebe can point out numerous issues.

An encounter with a pair of grebes could point out that romantic success is on the horizon.

Coming head to head with a household of grebes with chicks could also be an indication of safety in your family members, or an indication that your loved ones may develop quickly.

Little Grebe
Picture by Bob Brewer on Unsplash

Encountering a diving grebe could also be reminder to remain vigilant. Though grebes seem calm on the water, they’re all the time ready to carry out a “crash-dive” into the water to flee hazard. (9) Thus, a grebe could act as a reminder that peace and serenity should all the time be in steadiness with watchfulness.

Grebe in Mythology & Folklore

In mythology, the grebe is usually related with cleverness and braveness. Grebes are current in numerous cultures’ tales, nonetheless there are just a few wherein the grebe performs a starring position.

Native American Mythology

Native American mythology treats the grebe, or “Hell-Diver,” as a creature of nice braveness and perseverance. The grebe within the following story is a plucky animal with the heart to defeat winter itself.

“Each winter, the birds fly south. One winter, a Hell-Diver (additionally known as a Grebe) advised the entire different birds that he would keep for the winter to maintain two of his associates who had been injured and couldn’t fly south. Each of his associates, a whooping crane and mallard duck, had damaged wings. To feed them, he obtained fish by diving by a gap within the ice. However the Spirit of Winter obtained jealous of his success at fishing and froze the water after the Hell-Diver had dived by his gap under the ice. However the Hell-Diver swam to shore the place there have been plenty of reeds and bulrushes. He pulled considered one of them down by the ice together with his invoice to make a gap within the ice and so he obtained out and flew dwelling. When he obtained dwelling, he noticed that somebody was peeking within the door of his wigwam. It was the Spirit of Winter, who didn’t like him and who was making an attempt to freeze him out. The Hell-Diver obtained an enormous hearth going, but it surely was nonetheless chilly within the wigwam as a result of the Spirit of Winter was proper there making it chilly. However the Hell-Diver tricked the Spirit of Winter by mopping his face with a handkerchief and saying, “Gee, but it surely’s sizzling in right here!” The Spirit of Winter thought the hearth was sizzling sufficient to soften him, so he ran away. In the future the Hell-Diver determined to have a feast. He obtained some wild rice and despatched a duck to ask the Spirit of Winter, but it surely was so chilly that the duck froze to dying earlier than he obtained there. Then he despatched Partridge with the invitation. She obtained very chilly too, however she dove beneath the snow to heat up after which went on once more. She reached the Spirit of Winter and invited him to the Hell-Diver’s feast. When the Spirit of Winter got here to the feast, it was like a blizzard coming within the door of the wigwam. He had icicles on his nostril and face. Hell-Diver constructed the hearth greater and better, and it started to get heat contained in the wigwam. The icicles started to soften on the Spirit of Winter’s face. He was getting awfully heat, however he favored the wild rice that Hell-Diver had at his feast and wished to maintain consuming. Hell-Diver mentioned, “Whew! It’s very heat in right here. It have to be spring already.” The Spirit of Winter obtained scared and grabbed his blanket and ran out of the wigwam. Along with his hearth, Hell-Diver had introduced the spring and out of doors, issues had been already melting and there have been simply patches of snow right here and there. The Spirit of Winter had a tough time getting again to his dwelling within the north, the place there’s all the time snow.” (9)

Greek Mythology:

In Greek Mythology, the grebe seems within the story of the Pierides. The Pierides had been 9 mortal sisters who challenged the Muses in a contest of music. The Muses had been a gaggle of minor goddesses and daughters of Zeus who represented the humanities and the divine inspiration of artists.

When the Pierides challenged the Muses, they made a grave error. For a human to problem a goddess was sacrilegious. Through the Pierides’ music, the entire world went black and nature itself refused to hear. For his or her crime, the Pierides had been punished by being reworked into varied birds. One such chicken was the grebe. (10)

Grebe Spirit Animal

If the grebe is your spirit animal, then you’re possible courageous, protecting, intelligent, and distinctive.

Individuals with the grebe as their spirit animal typically have spectacular particular person skills. They could, nonetheless, battle to evolve and slot in in conditions that don’t showcase their skills.

Individuals with the grebe as their spirit animal typically battle in unfamiliar conditions. They could really feel awkward when making an attempt new issues or assembly new folks. Their relationships are crucial to them, although, so it’s mandatory that individuals with this spirit animal study to be versatile and department out. Assembly new folks is, in fact, a necessary step in making new associates.

Individuals with the grebe as their spirit animal are sometimes very family-oriented. They make take pleasure in working with youngsters and are well-suited for careers in schooling and care-taking.

Grebe Totem Animal

The grebe totem animal is noteworthy for its vigilance and crafty. Though people with the grebe as their totem animal are sometimes mild souls, they’re fairly stoic and troublesome to idiot.

Horned Grebe
Picture by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

Dishonesty is one thing that individuals with the grebe totem animal can not abide. Although they’re sort, folks with this totem animal are usually not blindly trusting. They’re all the time on the look out for hazard and deception.

The kindness of the grebe totem animal runs out when susceptible family members are concerned. Individuals with this totem animal have a robust protecting intuition and won’t permit helpless folks to undergo. Once they sense hazard to themselves, they’ll flee. When folks with this totem animal detect hazard to their family members, although, their braveness turns into obvious. They are going to defend others fiercely.

Grebe Energy Animal

The grebe energy animal is outlined by its wonderful judgment. Individuals with the grebe energy animal are gifted determination makers. They’re clever and pragmatic and dedicate a substantial amount of thought in the direction of selecting the best path. Happily, folks with the grebe energy animal additionally are likely to suppose rapidly and produce choices on the fly!

With the power to make powerful calls with out wavering, the judgment of the grebe energy animal is certainly spectacular. Moreover, this judgment applies to the motives and characters of others. Individuals with the grebe energy animal are excellent at figuring out whether or not these round them have good intentions. They’re additionally wonderful at recognizing lies.

Grebe Tattoo Which means

A grebe tattoo is indicative of hidden power. An individual could wish to get a grebe tattoo in the event that they struggled to seek out their objective or to realize the expectations of others. In these circumstances, a grebe tattoo represents the significance of capitalizing on one’s personal skills.


There are few creatures fairly just like the grebe. This chicken’s most weird qualities are usually not, nonetheless, essentially the most placing issues about it. Consuming one’s personal feathers is actually a really unusual adaptation, as is having ft that sit thus far again on the physique that strolling is troublesome. What’s attention-grabbing concerning the grebe just isn’t these diversifications, although. It’s the actual fact that the grebe has tailored so impressively and creatively.

The grebe is a chicken that rises to satisfy challenges. Want to have the ability to dive? Not an issue! The grebe will simply sacrifice a little bit of its class on land. Shards of fishbone creating digestive issues? The grebe has that lined too! It’s going to simply cushion its digestive system with feathers. The best knowledge that the grebe has to supply us is that there isn’t a problem that may’t be beat with a little bit of outside-the-box considering. The grebe is a grasp class in taking part in to your strengths and rolling with the punches.

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