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Hoping To Earn Her Cat’s Love, Cat Mother Engineers AI Poop-Monitoring System

Like many cats, 10-year-old Teddy Bear has a quirk that doesn’t make an entire lot of sense to the human thoughts. This foolish boy eats plastic. And it drives his mother mad with fear.

So, being an skilled software program engineer and devoted cat mother, Estefannie took 50,000 footage of litter pan deposits and constructed a fancy system to watch Teddy’s poops to make sure he wasn’t getting blockages from his poor selection of snacks. And to assist different tech-minded cat lovers regulate the litter pan, she captured her course of on video and shared it by way of YouTube.


Loopy Cat Antics Result in Scare & Inspiration

A few years in the past, Estefannie caught Teddy consuming plastic. Realizing how unhealthy that may very well be, she rushed her candy boy to the vet. The choices have been few on what to do with out understanding how a lot plastic Teddy had wolfed down. For $3,000, Teddy may very well be prodded, poked, and scanned to search out out, or Estefannie may watch to make sure Teddy went potty as a result of, as she shared in her video, “If he poops, then there’s no plastic caught in his intestines.”

However cats may be sly about their pooping and can be out and in of their litter containers earlier than we even notice it. So, Estefannie turned to tech to assist her regulate plastic-eating Teddy.

As Estefannie defined, “I wrote a python script arrange a digital camera a movement sensor and put it above his litter field to take an image each time he went to the toilet that manner I may see if he was constipated or not.”

screenshot, Estefannie/YouTube

Now, she may monitor all of the poops and pees. But, there was a rub. Estefannie’s different cat, Luna, was skewing the Teddy information because the pair share a litter field. This left Estefannie not understanding whose poo was whose.

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“Why I Took 50,000 Footage of My Cats Pooping”

However no downside, being an excellent downside solver, Estefannie went to work creating an elaborate setup to gather her information and be taught what pile belonged to Teddy and which was Luna’s deposit. Her program additionally wanted to know the distinction between urine and feces, so Estefannie delved into the deep workings of machine studying.

screenshot, Estefannie/YouTube

“With machine studying, I did quite a lot of analysis and located I must take an entire bunch of images,” mentioned Estefannie. “Fortunately, I have already got a picture-taking script that may take a number of footage a second.”

However earlier than she may begin scooping up information, she needed to assemble a setup to deal with the gear. In the long run, Teddy Bear bought a rest room overhaul, full with a handcrafted cupboard and a “cute grass mat for his paws.”

screenshot, Estefannie/YouTube

With the bodily setup neatly in place, Estefannie fed the photographs right into a machine studying system and spent numerous hours tweaking and tuning her poop AI. However after two years of gazing a litter field, Estefannie proudly offered her creation to the world and secured the deeper affection she sought from Teddy Bear. In any case, Teddy realized that any human that goes to a lot bother for cat poop is definitely alright by him!


To be taught the whole lot of Estefannie’s specs, take a look at her course of within the video under!

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Featured Picture: @estefanniegg/Instagram

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