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How you can determine which non-avian dinosaur could be finest

For those who might journey a dinosaur, which non-avian dinosaur would you select?

We will’t inform for certain which dinosaurs could be the perfect for driving, however there are just a few clues from birds and different animals.

A number of issues to contemplate:

  • Bodily energy
  • Temperament
  • Stability

Bodily energy

You’d need your dinosaur to weigh not less than 1,000 lb, so the dinosaur can help you for an prolonged time period. Fortunately, there have been numerous massive, heavy dinosaurs to select from.


You don’t need to journey a dinosaur which will assault you. It additionally helps in the event you can simply practice your dinosaur, in order that they suppress their struggle and flight instincts. And also you’ll need your dinosaur to have the ability to observe primary instructions.

Enjoyable reality: Johnny Money stored an aggressive male ostrich as a pet. (It will not have been appropriate for driving.)


You need a dinosaur with a physique form that may carry you. Ideally you’ll have a flat or concave place to sit down. And also you undoubtedly don’t need to journey a dinosaur with plates of spikes on their backs, like Stegosaurus or Amargasaurus.

A dinosaur that walked on 4 legs could be extra steady, and let you sit in a wide range of positions. If as an alternative you selected to journey a dinosaur that walked on two legs, you’d want to sit down proper above the hips to maintain the steadiness. In any other case, your dinosaur must rear as much as attempt to shift you again in direction of its heart of mass.

Dinosaur choices

So which non-avian dinosaurs could be finest for driving? A whole lot of medium to giant ornithischians, like Hadrosaurus, match all three standards, in addition to probably sauropods like Brontosaurus and therizinosaurs like Therizinosaurus (with the precise saddle).

Ceratopsians like Triceratops would additionally work nicely, so long as their backs aren’t too rounded.

Struthiomimus would even be enjoyable in the event you might preserve your steadiness above the dinosaur’s hips.

Hearken to the enjoyable reality in episode 349 of our podcast to be taught much more particulars about what to search for when selecting a dinosaur to journey.

Which dinosaur would you need to journey? Tell us within the feedback!

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