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Is Your Native Pumpkin Patch Animal-Pleasant?


Autumn is right here! And that normally means visits to your native pumpkin patch or fall pageant. Nonetheless, these locations usually provide actions that aren’t humane, like pony rides or petting zoos. Typically, fish are even given away as prizes. Make sure to clarify to your infant why these occasions aren’t variety to animals, and attempt to keep away from going to occasions and venues that supply such merciless actions. If you happen to by accident find yourself going someplace that has a petting zoo, you should utilize the chance to speak to your child about why your loved ones chooses to not take part.

What’s Improper With Petting Zoos?

Animals in petting zoos dwell in a relentless state of stress and are pressured to be round unusual noises and exercise as unfamiliar individuals attempt to contact them. These animals, together with goats, sheep, pigs, rabbits, and chickens, really feel concern and ache and don’t wish to be subjected to the chaos of those occasions. Petting zoos additionally create a public well being threat. People are in peril of catching and spreading infectious ailments and pathogens like E. coli, salmonella, campylobacter, cryptosporidium, giardia, and H1N1 (swine flu) via direct and even oblique contact with animals. Kids are particularly susceptible, as a result of they’re much less more likely to apply correct hygiene.

By no means Encourage Pony Rides

Pony rides and dwell carousels could be discovered at many alternative locations—like festivals, festivals, pumpkin patches, cider mills, circuses, and even birthday events. Whatever the location, the ponies are tethered to turnstiles or in tents and compelled to stroll in infinite circles. They need to usually work lengthy hours in excessive climate situations, with none water. Unwell-fitting or carelessly rigged sort out may cause ponies to undergo from hoof illnesses, saddle sores, or mouth and tooth issues. Since changing worn-out or sick animals could be cheaper than offering correct veterinary care, operators may fit ponies till they drop.

Fish Aren’t Competition Prizes

You might even discover dwell animals being given away as prizes at a fall pageant! Fish really feel concern, ache, and stress—identical to us. They’re not disposable toys or trinkets. But as an alternative of treating them just like the sentient beings they’re, pageant organizers typically use them as prizes for ping pong toss, ring toss, and different video games. They’re usually saved in tiny baggage or coolers with out the right water temperature or filtration—leading to struggling and demise. If fish survive lengthy sufficient to be handed over as a “prize,” they’re usually dumped in trash cans, thrown off rides, shaken inside a bag, or taken residence and flushed down the bathroom. Even individuals with good intentions of caring for the fish they win can unwittingly trigger them to undergo vastly.

Select Compassion

Animals need to be handled with kindness and respect, and utilizing them for leisure is fallacious. Converse up for animals who’re harmed and exploited at festivals, carnivals, and festivals. If you happen to see a petting zoo, a pony trip, or fish being given away at a pageant or pumpkin patch, please voice your objections to the sponsors of the occasion and to the administration of the venue. Ask them to depart these merciless actions out of the festivities.


It’s essential to do not forget that animals aren’t ours to make use of for leisure. We must always select animal-friendly types of enjoyable all yr lengthy. Strive taking your children to a corn maze or a pick-your-own pumpkin patch! And use these enjoyable animal rights stencils when carving your pumpkins:


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