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Making Antlers Like New Once more

By Lisa Worth

Sponsored by ATSKO the Makers of Sno-Seal, U-V-Killler and N-O-Dor merchandise.

My nephew’s pal Mike Turnitza tried each which method – nostril first, left facet first, plaque backwards, the wrong way up – however nothing labored. It doesn’t matter what angles he tried, he couldn’t get the moose mount into his home.

So he referred to as me. We bought it into my home, however solely so far as the entrance hallway as a result of it wouldn’t match via any of the room doorways. It stayed there for a pair days whereas we mentioned what to do with the dusty trophy.

    Mike had discovered the moose inside a Saint Clair, Pennsylvania, warehouse newly owned by his pal, Vinny Alessi. The story behind the harvest of the massive bull is unknown, however there are just a few clues.

    On the again of the plaque, hand-lettered in black on the wooden, are these phrases: “Killed Oct. 6, 1924 by T.B. Evans, Danville PA close to the Aramoeta River and Scott Mountain, New Brunswick, Canada. The taxidermist is Geo. A. Davis. One shot from a 300 Savage killed him.”

    These statements are signed by Thomas Bonnar, information, who additionally listed 4 extra members of the moose looking get together. However aside from one man, H.L. DeWitt, a number of the letters for the opposite names have worn away with time, and are incomplete.

    I’d work to resolve the moose thriller over the winter months. Within the meantime, I had extra instant work to do, specifically, cleansing up the 80-year-old mount. In its current filthy state, it could by no means discover a house.
    I began by wiping the hair and cleansing the eyes and lashes with a moist material. I flippantly brushed the slightly-ratty ears. However what might I do about that spectacular rack? The dual paddled bone was deeply furrowed and grimed with filth and mud.

    I knew that SNO-SEAL was an incredible product for its main use, waterproofing leather-based, particularly boots. And way back, whereas I archery hunted for deer in Alabama, I’d met Mike Jordan of Atsko, makers of SNO-SEAL, who advised me about its effectiveness in use on deer antlers. It will not solely shine the antlers, Mike mentioned, it could additionally seal them and hold them from drying.

    So why not strive it on the moose antlers? I utilized the SNO-SEAL with a clear material, and scrubbed it into the antler’s grooves utilizing a fingernail brush. The outcomes had been night time and day, like touching furnishings stain to unfinished wooden. I felt like a magician as I restored the moose rack to its former and becoming glory.

    Happy with the adjustments, I referred to as my favourite bow store, Andrews Archery in Frackville, and proprietor Dave Andrews mentioned he’d home the moose within the store. Though I’d gotten sort of connected to Mr. Moose, I knew it must be displayed the place many individuals would see it. Mounts of actually massive moose simply aren’t widespread.

Earlier than: Left antler. After: Proper antler. The moose mount’s antlers bought an actual shine after I went after him with SNO-SEAL. That whitetail buck in your wall could also be subsequent.

I put the moose again in my entrance hallway in order that I might load and ship it to the bow store the following day. Then it was time to chill out…..however I discovered myself wanting round my very own front room…..

How had I let these deer racks get so dusty? As I half-watched the TV, I took my deer mounts down one after the other and SNO-SEALed the antlers. I additionally tried it with the horns on a pronghorn antelope, and was very happy with the outcomes. Possibly it’s simply me, however now my eyes are drawn to the top gear on the sport mounts after I enter the room.

    The instruments you want are easy, a can or tube of SNO-SEAL and several other clear cloths.  Though restoring the moose rack took an hour or two, shining and sealing the deer racks solely took about ten minutes every (This will take longer for individuals who really shoot actually massive deer!).


Sponsored by ATSKO the Makers of Sno-Seal, U-V-Killler and N-O-Dor merchandise.

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