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Right here’s Why ‘Dahmer’ Viewers Would possibly Be Going Vegan


Viewers of Netflix’s Dahmer collection are apparently going vegan, claiming that watching the collection’ show of homicide and cannibalism has turned them off from consuming different animals.

Dahmer additionally exhibits the topic’s compulsion to hack different animals aside—a standard habits of serial killers—earlier than he goes on to kill people.

We get it—watching the monstrosities dedicated by a serial killer and cannibal will understandably horrify many viewers and persuade them to go vegan. Nevertheless, you definitely don’t have to stream Dahmer to know that flesh shouldn’t be meals. Plus, the obscene acts of cruelty on farms and in slaughterhouses within the U.S. have been extensively documented in PETA undercover investigations for many years.

PETA’s personal investigators have uncovered deplorable circumstances on farms, from cows’ confinement to feces-caked pens to employees’ acts of cruelty to turkeys, together with viciously stomping on them and even mimicking sexual acts with them. At slaughterhouses, employees slit animals’ throats, usually whereas they’re nonetheless acutely aware. Many can nonetheless really feel when employees plunge them into the scalding-hot water of the “defeathering” tanks or whereas their our bodies are being skinned or hacked aside.

PETA is at all times in search of methods to show cruelty on its ugly head. In 2014, after Jeffrey Dahmer’s childhood residence was put up on the market, we known as for the location to be changed into a vegan restaurant—to rework the constructing’s sordid previous by urging guests to observe compassion whereas consuming.

Making the moral option to go vegan isn’t simply in regards to the egregious animal struggling that happens day-after-day within the meat, egg, and dairy industries, both. Our fellow animals aren’t right here for us to kill and eat.

Pledge to Go Vegan

For our fellow animals, the planet, and your individual well being, pledge to go vegan as we speak. To get began, order PETA’s free vegan starter equipment:


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