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Right here’s Why Vegans Eat Meals That Appears to be like Like Meat

Vegan hen, mock tuna, burgers that “bleed”—typically vegan meals can come so near the “actual factor” that even flesh-eaters are fooled. However what’s the purpose of constructing crops look and style like meat? And if vegans like meaty flavors, why don’t they only eat meat? Allow us to clarify.

Vegans Cease Consuming Meat to Spare Animals Struggling and Exploitation

Most individuals who go vegan had been raised consuming animal flesh and have become used to the way it tastes. Nonetheless, as soon as we realized that consuming meat hurts animals, the planet, and our well being, that style wasn’t definitely worth the price. Whether or not it was watching a video of one of many many cows who escaped a truck sure for the slaughterhouse or trying into the eyes of our canine and noticing they’re the identical shade as a pig’s, that “lightbulb second” led us to understand that we will’t in good conscience proceed consuming meat, eggs, or dairy.

It’s speciesist to eat one other sentient being’s flesh. Our fellow animals aren’t right here for people to eat. It’s fallacious to breed them, deprive them of a life value dwelling, after which kill them to fulfill our urges.

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For a brief and candy reply to why vegans eat meals that appears like meat, try Thee Burger Dude’s video on the topic:

Meatless Meat Can Make Going Vegan Even Simpler

After going vegan, individuals should crave among the animal-derived meals they’re acquainted with, since our style buds can take time to regulate. Vegan meats, nondairy milk, and different vegan merchandise may also help bridge the hole and make it simpler to get pleasure from the identical flavors with out harming animals. When a Past Burger tastes the identical as consuming a burger fabricated from cow flesh, we all know there’s no cause to proceed consuming something that a person suffered and died for.

Meals Brings Us Collectively

Meals is extra than simply sustenance—it’s a connection. Sharing a meal may also help create new bonds and convey us nearer collectively. Consider Thanksgiving, summer time barbecues, Sunday brunches, and even simply household dinners—the social factor is what makes them stand other than different meals. With Past Burgers, Tofurky Roasts, and fakin’ bacon, vegans can get pleasure from a meal that extra intently resembles what others could be consuming at these occasions. Taking these meals to get-togethers can even spark a dialog, which might encourage nonvegans to rethink their reliance on meat and different animal-derived merchandise.

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To Put It Merely, It’s Enjoyable and It Tastes Nice!

Turning tomatoes into tuna, cashews into stretchy mozzarella, and banana peels into pulled “pork” is a inventive culinary problem that many vegans love to tackle. We all know the way to fully rework veggies and fruits into one thing completely totally different. And for those who’ve ever watched even a single PETA video exposé of a farm, you realize why consuming a burger constructed from beans is rather more interesting than one constructed from the flesh of a delicate cow.

Being vegan is about inflicting the least quantity of hurt potential to our fellow animals with whom we share the planet. Cows, pigs, chickens, and all different animals aren’t ours to experiment on, eat, put on, use for leisure, or abuse in another manner. We will make private decisions each day that affect animals’ lives in a serious, constructive manner, akin to consuming vegan meat as an alternative of animal flesh. For assist going vegan, order our free vegan starter package right this moment:

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