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Victims of Myths And False impression

Egyptian Vultures,

In some of the surprising instances of wildlife commerce, seven endangered Egyptian vultures (Neophron percnopterus), have been recovered from a person touring from Kanpur to Manmad in Maharashtra. Wrapped in vibrant material, the vultures had been hidden inside a basket in Pushpak Specific when the railway police rounded up the person with the threatened birds. The arrest is more likely to unearth a wildlife crime syndicate. This weblog will hold you up to date on the problem . The scavenger birds are listed as endangered within the IUCN crimson record  threatened species due to its “quickly declining”  inhabitants world over”.

Myths Linked With Vultures

Egyptian Vultures,

Particular process power (SIT) of Madhya Pradesh forest division is quizzing Fareed Sheikh (60) who was present in possession of seven birds from a practice at Khandwa railway station. He turned out to be solely a   carrier-  like these  in drug trafficking. Fareed mentioned that  Sameer Khan, a resident of  Kanpur, handed him over the vultures and  he was  requested to switch the consignment to Hashim at Manmad railway station in Maharashtra. ” I used to be promised Rs 10,000 for the job”, he mentioned. The provider  was additionally present in possession of a return ticket from Manmand to Kanpur. SIT sources mentioned that  there was greater than meets the  eye. “ From Manmad, these birds would have  headed to Mumbai after which, could also be overseas by sea route, they believe. 

Additionally learnOf Owl Disaster and Sorcerers

This species qualifies as Endangered owing to a latest and very fast inhabitants decline in India, presumably ensuing from poisoning by the veterinary drug diclofenac, mixed with extreme long-term declines in Europe and Africa. Regardless of its large vary, populations of Egyptian Vulture are declining throughout the globe. This is because of a range  of threats like poisoning, poaching, electrocution and human disturbance. However  smuggling  of the chicken was reported for the primary time, sources mentioned.  Consumption of its physique elements can be linked with many  myths.  In keeping with illegalwildlifetrade.web ,”Vulture physique elements are bought for conventional drugs and different belief-based makes use of. Shoppers anticipate aid from quite a lot of bodily and psychological illnesses and higher success in life as they take in the vultures’ skills to ‘see into the long run’. Vultures are due to this fact usually essentially the most sought-after chicken species in commerce.”

Clever Chook 

Egyptian Vultures,

It is usually referred to as the white scavenger vulture or pharaoh’s hen and is extensively distributed from the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa to India. Egyptian vultures are thought of to be clever as they’re recognized for using instruments to crack open massive eggs, and twigs to collect wool to line its nest. Such device use has been recorded in hand-reared chicks. As a scavenger its eating regimen is various and contains carrion, tortoises, natural waste and even mammalian feces. The species performs a vastly necessary position within the ecosystem, disposing of carcasses rapidly thereby stopping the unfold of illness.

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