Another Celebrity Is Leaving The States. Here’s Where She’s Now

Amber Heard’s decision to relocate to Madrid appears to have been motivated by a desire for a fresh start and a change of scenery following the stress of her legal battle with Johnny Depp. Despite rumors suggesting that Heard had left Hollywood altogether, her return with the movie “In the Fire” marked a significant comeback.

According to an insider, Heard felt the need to leave the United States due to the intense stress of the trial and sought a new beginning in Spain. This decision reflects her determination to move forward and rebuild her life after a challenging period.

Josh Jensen/Flickr

The source also provided insight into Amber Heard’s current mental state, noting that she is experiencing a newfound energy and is focusing on activities that bring her joy. Settling into her life in Madrid, she resides in an upscale area with her two-year-old daughter, Oonagh Paige, where she can enjoy increased privacy.

During a viral TikTok video in June, Amber expressed her love for Spain and indicated her desire to continue living there when asked by reporters. Despite the challenges she faced, she remains resilient, emphasizing her commitment to moving forward.

In the aftermath of her legal battles with Johnny Depp, Amber settled with him for $1 million in damages, foregoing further challenges to the court’s decision. Director Conor Allyn praised her resilience, commending her ability to navigate through such adversity and maintain her integrity, as evidenced in her comeback film “In the Fire.” He expressed admiration for her strength in overcoming such a challenging experience.

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