“Anyone know what this could be? I have found two piles of these … in my daughters’ room.”

Among other social media platforms, Facebook was one of the first venues for creating incredibly amiable community groups. Some of these groups focus on common but helpful topics, such as cleaning and housekeeping. These clubs aren’t just for advice and support, though.

Occasionally, posts appear that leave the group frantically searching for solutions and raising questions about the original poster’s wellbeing. One such instance occurred when Kelli Tarin shared an odd picture of an enigmatic pile in the group “Homemaking Tips.”

The mysterious pile of unidentified pellets found.

The original post was published on August 10th, which is not too long ago. Tarin posted a picture showing a fine, dirt-like muck piled up on the floor. She mentioned that she finds two mysterious mounds every day, which she cleans, and asked if anyone could help her figure out what they are. Both heaps were found in her daughter’s room, making it crucial for her to determine if there is cause for concern. She also noted that since moving into this rented house, things have happened rather rapidly. Tarin described the mounds as having the texture and appearance of anthills or coffee grinds but feeling like shells.

The Enigmatic Pile Gets Even More Enigmatic

After Tarin asked the internet community for assistance, word of the strange pile quickly spread. The post received over 440,000 reactions and more than 9,000 comments. Despite all this attention, nobody was able to determine for sure what the mystery mounds were. However, there were plenty of recommendations.

This is the picture she shared:

The mysterious pile of unidentified pellets found.

Some people speculated that it might be an ant colony, noting that such colonies can be particularly tenacious. Others thought it could be mouse droppings. Many suggested termites as the culprit, pointing to their distinctive excrement. Faced with these varied recommendations, Tarin decided to seek professional help.

However, the experts only deepened the mystery. After contacting two pest control agencies, both claimed they had never seen anything like the enigmatic mounds!

In later posts, Tarin mentioned that she ensured her daughter slept with her father while the investigation continued. Termites were ruled out because their droppings aren’t crunchy or “seed-like.” Despite thoroughly spraying the house, she never observed any live roaches, only a few dead ones. Familiar with mouse droppings from her childhood on a farm, she confirmed that the mounds were not from mice. Another suggestion was bats, but this seemed unlikely given her West Texas location.

The Enigma Is Eventually Answered

Tarin noted that the mysterious piles only appeared in her daughter’s room and could form in as little as two days. She mentioned in an update that the landlords had been contacted to inspect the situation. Although the online community couldn’t provide a definitive answer, Tarin expressed gratitude for their support. Their engagement helped her stay positive during a distressing situation.

The identity of the mysterious pile

Ultimately, the solution turned out to be wildly unexpected. A comment suggested that one of their children’s lavender bears might have ruptured, and its contents could be responsible for the mysterious piles. This reminded Tarin of a purple plush bear that had been among the toys near the unexplained mounds. She had thrown it out, thinking it was contaminated.

Tarin retrieved the bear and discovered it indeed had a hole. Upon opening it, she was surprised to find that it contained the same material as the enigmatic piles! In the end, everything worked out, bringing relief and a bit of humor to the situation.

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