Creekberry Cottage $279,900

“Creekberry Cottage” is located in the mountains of Southwest Virginia on Little Tumbling Creek, minutes from Big Tumbling Creek (7 miles of water) and Laurel Bed Lake (330 Acres) in the Clinch Mtn. Wildlife Management Area.
It’s been credited as the “crown jewel” of wildlife and fishing in VA, possessing a variety of habitats that are attractive to a diversity of wildlife. “Creekberry Cottage” houses guests from all over the country through “VRBO” to enjoy all the waters & nature that was a virgin forest until the late 1800s.
The iconic creek cottage’s bones are all new except for the basement foundation on which it rests. This new build pays homage to history with vintage finishes and antique collections. All the Furnishings & Accessories are included.
The restful, serene feeling of living by a creek where the air smells like damp, earthy soil & the bubbling creek sounds will soothe your soul…a gift to all who visit or dwell in this sweet place. Smart Investment either way.

Price: $279,900
Location: 5391 Tumbling Creek Rd, Saltville, VA 24370

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