David Beckham shares touching tribute for Victoria Beckham for 50th birthday – fans can’t stop laughing

David Beckham and his wife, Victoria Beckham, are perhaps one of the most famous and influential couples in the world. They have been married for a long time and still manage to surprise one another.

Keep reading to learn what David Beckham and their kids did for Victoria’s milestone 50th birthday.

Posh Spice just celebrated her 50th birthday, and it seems like her family made sure to make her feel extra special! The former Spice Girl rang in her 50th birthday with lovely wishes from her family.

David and Victoria share four children together. Their eldest child is Brooklyn Beckham, then there is Romeo, Cruz and their youngest, their daughter of Harper. Their son Brooklyn is now 25 years old and married Nicola Peltz in 2022.

“Happy birthday mum xx,” the Beckhams’ eldest Brooklyn, posted to Instagram. He posted a baby photo of him as he ate a banana with his mother by his side at the beach. He wrote, “I love you so much x hope you have the most amazing day.”


Their secondborn, 21-year-old Romeo, also posted to social media. He posted on Instagram, writing in the caption, “Happy birthday mum, thank you for everything, hope you have the best day, love you @victoriabeckham.”

Their third child, Cruz, who is 19 years old, posted a candid paparazzi shot of himself walking as a baby with his mom in his Instagram story. In the caption, he wrote, “Happy birthday Mum,” he continued, “I love you so much.”

But it was her husband, David Beckham is the person who stole the show with a touching video tribute. The video featured pictures of Victoria over the years, pictures of her as a child, her time as Posh Spice, as a designer, as his wife, as his mom and more. The video was set to the song “More Than a Woman” by the Bee Gees.’



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“Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife…,” the former footballer wrote. “As you head into this birthday you should look back and be proud of what you have accomplished , achieved & what you have built , Posh spice , business woman & of course marrying an England captain But your biggest success are your children , you guide them , love them & teach them… They love you beyond words , we all love you so much x Have a special day you deserve it all 50 and fit I AM BEING HONEST  @victoriabeckham @brooklynpeltzbeckham@romeobeckham @cruzbeckham #HarperSeven .”

This is such a heartwarming wish from her husband of over 25 years. It is touching how much they still love one another.

Beckham also cheekily featured the infamous ‘Rolls Royce’ in the picture with him in the background saying ‘be honest.’ The moment gained popularity after David Beckham’s documentary series was released on Netflix, and in an interview Victoria said her family was ‘very working class.’ As she says this, David appears and asks her to ‘be honest’ and to reveal what car her dad drove her to school in. The former English captain is relentless till Victoria admits it was a Rolls Royce. Beckham made sure to include a picture of his wife posing in front of the infamous car as a child!



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People found this inclusion hilarious. One person wrote, “Fabulous, and love how the Rolls Royce featured,” while another added, “There it isss, Daddy’s Rolls Royce! .” Another Instagram user added, “You got the roller in.” Clearly everyone enjoyed David Beckham’s cheeky inclusion as proof of Victoria’s posh past!

The former popstar who turned herself into a major designer in 2008, also acknowledged her birthday and took a recap of the last five decades and all that she has achieved.


She took to Instagram and wrote, “As I get ready to step into 50 (in heels, of course!), I feel so incredibly blessed to have reached this milestone.” She continued, “Blessed, but also accomplished and deeply content. Not just of where I am as a woman, but of how far my fashion and beauty brands have come. My ambition was always to empower women and make them feel like the best version of themselves. To me, that meant trusting my instinct and never compromising on my creative vision.”

She further went on, writing a word of appreciation for her husband and kids, “I believe that you can be many things. A pop star, a mother, a wife, a designer… My passion has always been to dream big, then dream even bigger! Believe in yourself first — everyone else will follow. And if you’re really lucky, you’ll find someone who believes in you even more than you do. @DavidBeckham, I’m forever grateful for your unconditional love and support, and for our beautiful children. @BrooklynPeltzBeckham, @RomeoBeckham, @CruzBeckham, #HarperSeven, you complete me. I’m so proud, so in awe of the kind, hard-working, talented individuals you are all becoming.”


She ended her post with a heartwarming line, “So, here’s to doing more of what I love with the people I love. I’m so thankful for my family, my friends, and my incredible team! This is the beginning of an exciting new chapter, and I’m only just getting started. Mummy and daddy, I love you. Kisses Victoria xx.”

2024 is not just special because of Victoria’s 50th birthday but also because this is the year the couple celebrated their 25th birthday. Beckham has always praised his wife, once saying, “Yes, she’s beautiful. Yes, she was sexy. Yes, I fancied her, but in all honesty, I like a strong woman and I like the fact that she works hard.” He went on in his praise, “I like the fact that she’s a great mum. I like the fact that she looks after me sometimes, most of the time, and you know, we’ve created this life with four amazing children, which are the most important things in our life.”

It is so heartwarming that Victoria and David Beckham are still so in love with one another even after over two and a half decades together. Share this with others so they can see how their love has blossomed over the years.

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