Nestled near the picturesque Gauley River, this investment property offers a unique opportunity to capitalize on the charm and recreational allure of this beloved fishing and sport kayaking destination. Located on the bustling Main Street of Gauley Bridge, this property boasts a diner and two apartments, promising both commercial and residential potential.

The diner, though currently closed for four years, presents a canvas for entrepreneurial spirit, featuring booths, counter stools, and some kitchen appliances and equipment. With its prime location, it once served as a hub for locals and tourists alike, offering a cozy dining experience complemented by its proximity to outdoor adventures.

Adjacent to the diner, two apartments provide comfortable living spaces. One apartment comprises two bedrooms along with a living room, kitchen, and bathroom, while the other offers a spacious bedroom, combined living and dining area, and a kitchen. Both apartments feature essential appliances including range and refrigerator, ensuring convenience for tenants.

Parking is ample with a dedicated lot nearby, offering ease of access for both diners and residents. The property is equipped with gas heating and central air conditioning, ensuring year-round comfort. However, it’s important to note that all equipment and mechanicals are being sold “as is” due to the diner’s prolonged closure.

Each unit operates on separate meters for utilities, granting tenants autonomy over their usage. With rental rates ranging from $350 to $400 per month and tenants responsible for utilities, this property presents a promising investment opportunity.

The structure, built in 1926, exudes a timeless appeal with its brick veneer, vinyl siding, and plaster construction. A rubber roof adds durability to the property, while its average condition speaks to its potential for renovation and revitalization.

In summary, this property offers a blend of commercial and residential appeal in a sought-after location near the Gauley River. Whether you envision reviving the diner to its former glory or transforming the space for alternative ventures, this investment beckons with endless possibilities in the heart of Gauley Bridge’s vibrant community.

Price: $80,000
Location: 267 Main St, Gauley Bridge, WV 25085

From Zillow 

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