Jennifer Garner ‘proud to show off’ her boyfriend – and you might recognize him

While the world’s eyes are drawn towards the glittering spectacle of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s union, Jennifer Garner has been surreptitiously involved with a man far removed from the celebrity limelight.

A source reveals that Garner, now 51, has intermittently been in a relationship with John Miller, a businessman who, like her, prefers being a part of a discreet duo.

Read on to discover more about the man who has won over the heart of the radiant actress!

In 2018, when Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck parted ways, it wasn’t a shock to fans when he rekindled his romance with the renowned “Jenny from the Block”.

Affleck’s reunion with Jennifer Lopez, their joyful matrimony, and the release of Lopez’s new single “Can’t Get Enough,” dedicated to Affleck, have all commanded considerable public attention. However, details about Garner’s new love interest, John Miller, remain relatively unknown.

Reports suggest that Garner and Miller’s romance began six months prior to the finalization of her divorce from Affleck in 2018.

The erstwhile Hollywood power duo separated in 2015, and since then, they have been jointly raising their three children: Violet, 17, Seraphina, 14, and Samuel, 10.

So, who is this enigmatic gentleman?

Born in 1978, Miller is a lawyer and a businessman, currently holding the position of CEO at the fast food chain, CaliBurger, and its parent company, CaliGroup. In the past, he served as the VP of Intellectual Property at Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals.

Miller was previously wedded to American violinist Caroline Campbell from 2005 to 2014. His divorce was finalized roughly a month after Garner transitioned into singlehood. He and Campbell have a daughter, Violet, and a son, Quest.

Choosing not to publicize their relationship, the couple, who have been together for five years, strategically distanced themselves from the persistent glare of publicity that generally accompanies a star of Garner’s caliber.

A source quoted in Us Weekly said, “She appreciates his indifference towards the limelight and the whole Hollywood scene…It’s a stark contrast to Ben and J.Lo’s relationship in that regard. You’ll never catch them playing up to the cameras or obsessing over which events to grace as a pair, it’s simply not their way.”


An anonymous source adds, “They find joy in being an ordinary, low-profile couple and don’t require external validation to affirm their bond. It’s not that they’re criticizing others, it’s just not their style.”

Taking it slow

After a brief separation from August 2020 to spring 2021, Miller and Garner’s relationship has been flourishing.

“He was ready for marriage, but she couldn’t commit,” a source commented at the time.

Friends of the couple, including the star of Elektra, rave about their relationship, stating that they bring out the best in each other.

A source shared, “John is completely enamored and attentive, but not in an overwhelming way…He gives Jen space when she needs it but is there for her when times are tough or when she’s up for something spontaneous. They’ve had some amazing getaways together…that’s one of their favorite things.”

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Maintaining a Low Profile In July 2022, the public was intrigued by Garner’s response to her ex-husband Affleck’s marriage to Lopez. To the relief of fans, Garner and Miller were spotted several times by paparazzi, radiating happiness in each other’s presence, seemingly unaffected by Affleck’s Las Vegas elopement with the Good Will Hunting star. 1

. In January 2023, Entertainment Tonight published a story featuring images of Affleck “happily chatting with John.” The media outlet reported, “Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are proving that exes can get along just fine! Jennifer and her boyfriend John Miller arrived at their house where Ben was seen happily chatting with John. The private couple were then spotted in Santa Barbara, shopping in Montecito’s Village”. Going with ‘the Flow’ Gradually becoming more comfortable with publicizing their relationship, the stunning couple is seen more frequently, expressing their affection through kisses, hand-holding, or during early morning jogs. “Jen’s not nearly as shy as she once was with John because they’re a lot more comfortable and secure with each other,” a source said. “She’s proud to show him off”. 2

. In November 2023, another insider spoke with Us Weekly and explained that Garner and Miller are “in a great place.” The source said, “They used to go out of their way to keep a low profile, but they’ve both become very secure with their relationship and how it’s all worked out”. 2

On her 50th birthday, the couple reached a significant milestone when they brought their children and families together for a food drive. However, they’re not yet ready to become a blended family.

Friends suggest that the topic of marriage between Garner and Miller is on the table, but there’s no hurry. For the time being, she is “perfectly content appreciating and enjoying what they have…without an official label.”

The insider adds that the star of 13 Going on 30 has been dictating the pace, and Miller is pleased to “go with the flow.”

“Jen and John share a truly unique bond,” another source commented. “After experiencing so much of her [marriage with Affleck] in the spotlight, she relishes being with someone who isn’t a celebrity.”

It’s heartening to know that Jennifer Garner has discovered love once more and we’re excited to see how their relationship develops.

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