King Charles could strip Harry and Meghan of royal titles in ‘drastic’ move

King Charles has faced constant turmoil since ascending to the throne in September 2022. Amidst battling a cancer diagnosis in early 2024 and the extensive preparations for his coronation last year, much of his time has been consumed by the complex emotions surrounding his son, Prince Harry.

For years, the Duke has been at odds with his royal family, and while King Charles reportedly desires reconciliation despite their differences, it extends to other family members as well. His access to his cherished grandchildren, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, has been severely limited, leaving him devastated.

Recently, Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, embarked on a three-day tour to Nigeria to promote the Invictus Games, which Harry founded. However, their actions during the trip reportedly left King Charles and Harry’s brother, Prince William, incensed. Now, the king is contemplating a drastic decision: stripping Harry of all his titles due to his conduct in Nigeria.

The relationship between Prince William, King Charles, and Prince Harry has been strained for years, with reports suggesting they only communicate when absolutely necessary.

Following the public revelation of King Charles’ cancer diagnosis, Prince Harry made a brief trip to the UK to be by his father’s side. There were speculations that he might return to royal duties if conditions were favorable, but such decisions ultimately lie with Prince William.

In February, William and his father met at Sandringham, where sources revealed to the Mirror that there was “no chance” William would allow Harry to rejoin royal life. The source emphasized William’s firm stance on the matter, stating it was a bad idea initially and remains so.

Upon Prince Harry’s brief return to the UK, royal experts noted William’s growing tolerance towards Harry’s perceived rudeness and criticism towards his wife, Meghan.

Harry’s past conflicts with Camilla, dating back to his teenage years, are also well-documented. In his book “Spare,” he depicted Camilla as a divisive figure within the royal family, giving her the disparaging nickname “the other woman.”

Camilla reportedly felt hurt by Harry’s portrayal, yet amidst her husband’s ongoing cancer treatments and Harry’s temporary return, she remains resolute. Sources indicate she confronted Harry, expressing her outrage over his behavior and making it clear he is not welcome back.

The tension within the royal family persists, with Camilla’s reaction highlighting the deep-seated divisions exacerbated by Harry’s actions.

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Despite the strained relationship between Prince Harry and his royal family, the bond of kinship remains unbroken. King Charles, in particular, has been deeply affected by the prolonged absence of his grandchildren, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, and longs to see them.

Royal expert Angela Levin reveals that regardless of the tensions between Charles and Harry, the king holds a deep affection for his grandchildren and yearns for their presence.

In his book “OUR KING: Charles III: The Man and the Monarch,” author Robert Jobson depicts Charles’s emotional turmoil over Archie and Lilibet, who hold significant places in his heart. However, the ongoing rift between Harry, Meghan, and the royal family has hindered opportunities for meaningful interaction.

Jobson explains that Charles’s relationship with Archie and Lilibet has been adversely affected by the strained dynamic with his second son, Harry, and Meghan. Despite this, those close to Charles affirm that his love for his grandchildren endures, underscoring the challenge posed by the estrangement from Harry.

Charles has yet to visit Archie and Lilibet in the US, further prolonging the separation from his beloved grandchildren.

Reports from last year suggested potential peace talks between Charles and Harry, offering hope for reconciliation. However, conflicting reports indicate the complexities of the situation, with claims that William refuses to engage in such discussions with his younger brother.

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The hopes for reconciliation between Prince Harry and his family have yet to materialize, with Harry and Meghan opting not to attend Charles’s 75th birthday celebration in November, despite being invited.

Royal expert Angela Levin expressed Charles’s desire for Harry and Meghan’s children to attend the birthday event, emphasizing the importance of family presence. However, Levin suggested that if Harry were expecting an apology from Charles, he would be disappointed.

Despite Harry’s public criticisms of the royal family through various platforms, including interviews and publications, the familial bond remains intact.

While Prince Harry’s visits to the UK have been infrequent in recent years, his attendance at a special service commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games on May 10 provided an opportunity for potential reconciliation.

However, the strained relationship between Harry and his brother, Prince William, has hindered communication, with months passing without any interaction between them. This distance extends to Kate Middleton, despite the well-wishes she received from the Sussexes following her surgery and cancer diagnosis.

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Prince Harry’s reported desire to speak with his father, especially after learning of his cancer diagnosis, did not result in a meeting during his brief return to the UK. This left King Charles disappointed, as he had extended an invitation to Harry to stay at one of the royal residences, which Harry declined, opting instead for accommodation at a hotel in Mayfair without royal protection.

Royal expert Ingrid Seward described the situation as surprising to the royal household, as King Charles was aware of Harry’s lack of a UK base and his concerns about security. Harry’s decision to decline his father’s offer and forgo royal protection left Charles feeling blindsided.

Helena Chard, a royal broadcaster, highlighted that Harry could have stayed at St. James’ Palace, near Clarence House, where the King usually resides. Instead, Harry chose to stay at a hotel in Mayfair without the armed security protection provided by the SO14 Royalty Protection Group.

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The royal expert expressed concern about Prince Harry’s behavior, suggesting that it may be linked to deeper-rooted issues, possibly related to his mother. They noted that Harry’s actions seem beyond normal and questioned whether his behavior serves to perpetuate a victim narrative.

Additionally, tensions between Prince Harry and Meghan and the royal family intensified following their recent trip to Nigeria to support the Invictus Games. While the trip was successful in its objectives, it reportedly angered King Charles, Prince William, and Kate Middleton. The royal expert suggested that the royal family fears their worst nightmares regarding Harry and Meghan have materialized.

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The tensions between Prince Harry, Meghan, and the royal family seem to have escalated following their trip to Nigeria. Royal expert Tom Quinn reported that Prince William and King Charles were furious about the trip, as it gave the impression that Harry and Meghan were still operating as fully paid-up royals.

This has reportedly led to discussions about stripping Harry and Meghan of their royal titles, as it appears they are disregarding their status within the royal family and acting independently.

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The discussions about stripping Prince Harry and Meghan of their titles are fraught with concern, as there is a fear that such an action could exacerbate the already strained relationship between the Sussexes and the royal family. Despite considering this option, King Charles and Prince William are apprehensive about the potential backlash and worry that it could intensify the situation further. They recognize that even without their royal titles, Harry and Meghan would continue to travel and operate in a manner reminiscent of royals, which complicates the decision-making process.

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