This expansive building once previously used as an assisted living facility has so many options!$ 499,999

Welcome to a versatile property brimming with possibilities! Previously utilized as an assisted living facility, this expansive building opens its doors to a myriad of potential ventures, from assisted living to rooming houses, apartments, condos, sober living arrangements, or even a multi-generational home. The canvas is yours to paint, limited only by your imagination.

Boasting a functional infrastructure, this property features robust communications, sprinkler, hood, and heating systems, all recently evaluated to ensure reliability and safety. With a history of passing state inspections during its tenure as an assisted living facility, the process of reestablishing licensing is already underway, paving the way for seamless transitions into various housing models.

With a substantial 27 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, including a mix of full, three-quarter, and half baths, this property offers ample space to accommodate diverse living arrangements. The basement, with its concrete floors and walk-out access, adds further flexibility for expansion or additional amenities.

Heating is efficiently managed through hot water and steam systems powered by oil, while cooling needs can be tailored to suit individual preferences.

Spanning over 7,600 square feet of livable space across three levels, this colonial-style building exudes historic charm and character. Set upon a picturesque 3-acre lot with wooded surroundings, the property offers a tranquil retreat while remaining conveniently accessible with paved parking and road frontage.

Constructed in 1800, this property stands as a testament to enduring craftsmanship, featuring a blend of wood frame and vinyl siding complemented by a sturdy foundation of brick/mortar and granite.

Situated in the charming locale of New Ipswich, the property enjoys a country setting while maintaining proximity to essential amenities and services. Zoned for village, commercial, and residential use, the possibilities for this property are as vast as your vision.

Whether you envision revitalizing this space into a thriving assisted living community, creating unique living arrangements, or exploring innovative housing solutions, this property offers the ideal canvas to bring your dreams to life. With leasing and up-fit options on the table, seize the opportunity to transform this historic gem into a vibrant cornerstone of the community.

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