This mill in the Valley of the Mills in Sorrento, Italy was abandoned in 1866!


The Valley of the Mills (Valle dei Mulini) in Sorrento, Italy, is known for its historic abandoned mills. One notable mill in the valley is the “Molino di Grano,” or the Flour Mill, which was abandoned in 1866. The Valley of the Mills is a deep ravine with high cliffs, and it was once a hub of industrial activity.

The mill in question was originally built in the 13th century. Its location in the valley provided easy access to water from a nearby river, which was crucial for the operation of the mill. The mill primarily processed wheat, and its proximity to the sea allowed for the easy transport of goods.

Over time, however, changes in industry and technology led to the decline of the mills in the area. The introduction of more modern milling techniques and the shift away from traditional methods contributed to the abandonment of these mills. Additionally, environmental factors, such as a significant increase in humidity within the valley, made the area less conducive to industrial activities.

While the Valley of the Mills is no longer an industrial center, it has become a picturesque and intriguing historical site. Visitors can observe the remains of the abandoned mills, surrounded by lush vegetation, providing a glimpse into the area’s industrial past. The mill you mentioned, abandoned in 1866, is just one of several in the valley that tell the story of Sorrento’s industrial history.

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